Discussion: What We Want at the New Arena

our-team2Alanna: I am excited for increased tourism to our area and the community pride that will come from keeping a pro sports team in our city.

Aimee: I’m not a big sports fan so I’m most excited about the prospect of a stadium revitalizing downtown. Breathing new life into the rail-yards is necessary to revitalize Alkali Flats area so I wouldn’t mind seeing the remnants of the K Street mall (car dealerships and cell hone stores do not constitute a mall) demolished and turned into a hub for sports fans. I’m sure the arena would host concerts and other events I would love to be able to bike there!

Amy: I don’t really care about the NBA, but I hope the complex brings a renewed vision for how good downtown Sacramento can be. For too long we’ve felt like, “we can’t” and I hope this project gives us a renewed feeling that, “we can.” Sacramento can build big, complex projects that benefit the entire city.

Brandy: Would love to see a food vendor that offers outstanding raw, vegan or gluten free options.

Chantel: I hope the “dominoes fall” properly so that the surrounding areas (K Street, Waterfront, etc) get their own revamped development.

Jamee:  As a Sacramento Native and a life long Kings fan, I couldn’t be more thrilled to hear the Kings are staying here in Sacramento where they belong. We need this type of major revitalization of the city to bring not only more businesses to the region but to also support more local business owners. Having a brand new arena built downtown will bring thousands of new jobs to the area and allow us to make more of a foot print in California. I understand some people are frustrated with this as it will cost money to get where we need to be but remember, without this team and arena our city would begin a depressing downward economic spiral. We’ve got to look at the big picture! Great job Mayor! I am so excited for a new arena to be built downtown and for the Kings to stay in Sacramento; where they belong. The city needs to revitalize the downtown hub and this will surely do it. The potential growth for local businesses,  for our city is endless.

buildJuliaI am excited for the King’s to stay in Sacramento. The possibilities for downtown development, if executed correct, are certainly a boon for the city. There is however one major thing about the downtown plaza redevelopment plan that concerns me: WHAT IS GOING TO HAPPEN TO THE PRE-FLITE LOUNGE!

Kira: I’m most excited about seeing the long-time-coming culmination of the K Street development. A downtown arena would mean walking & biking to games and concerts, and a much needed morale boost for Sactown after this ugly breakup with the Maloofs. I just hope they build it fast to capitalize on all the current buzz.

Laura: It’s great that we’re likely going to keep the Kings – but I’m psyched about the other 250+ nights of potential entertainment this complex could host. And I really want to see the project completed on-time and on-budget. As they say, the devil’s in the details, and there’s nothing that can destroy community support like corruption and misuse of public funds. There will of course be bumps in the road, but I hope the process continues to be open and transparent. I’d also like to see this project have an economic ripple effect throughout the community – let’s use this as a jumping off point to finally finish the K Street and rail yard development. If we do this right, downtown could become Sacramento’s version of “LA Live” with Midtown serving as the “Gaslamp District” for Sacramento.

StacyI LOVE the idea of a state of the art building right in downtown, where you can go hang out and have beers in local bars and restaurants before the games and then literally just walk into the game. I am thinking like Chicago or Scottsdale (for baseball), but where you just go to the ‘area’ on any game day and it will be packed with fans. I just love the thought of that.

What do you want to see at the new arena?


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