TEAMride – One Helluva Ride

By Laura Braden, Chantel Elder and Jamie Romas

We’ve tried a lot of fitness fads. Half-marathon? Check (ok, for Jamie and Chantel). 30 days of Bikram yoga? Check (ok, Laura only went to 3 classes). Golf classes? Jamie is all over it.

So when we heard about a studio offering only spinning classes, our response wavered from curiosity to skepticism. We were used to instructors that acted like drill sergeants and music from the Jock Jams soundtrack. We envisioned staring at the clock, literally watching the minutes tick by until we could dismount from our death machine…

But man oh man, were we beyond pleasantly surprised with TEAMride (5535 H Street) (Facebook, Twitter)!

PROMOTION: Want to try TEAMride? They’re offering 25% off your first class for today only (offer ends at midnight). Use promo code: TEAMGOTG when purchasing online. Thanks ladies!

The Skinny

Where do we even start? As soon as you walk in the door, you’re hit with a positive and friendly vibe, fresh and modern space and TONS of amenities. The classes are only 45 minutes (full schedule) and are full-body – you’re not just spinning, you’re doing push-ups on the handlebars and/or lifting weights. The music is PHENOMENAL. Good-bye Haddaway and Ace of Base, hello Phoenix and Yeah Yeah Yeahs (they even take soundtrack requests). You know how they talk about “getting in the zone?” Well it happens here. Each segment is perfectly timed to the music, so the next thing you know, you’re bopping to the beat and it feels more like dancing than spinning.


And they’re basically the Nordstroms of fitness. They have dressing rooms, storage cubbies and showers equipped with just about everything you’d need to start your day/evening. Forget socks? No problem (and no charge). They also have a water filtration system, chalk board to leave song requests and TEAMride-branded products. Bonus? They sell new entrepreneurs’ products in THE (Talented Hip Entrepreneurs) Nook.


The only downside? It’s a tad pricey. Each class is $18 and shoe rentals (you clip into the bikes) are $1. They have passes and an unlimited monthly option, which helps get the costs down, but you know what they say – “you get what you pay for,” and so far, we’ve been getting results.

The Ladies Behind TEAMride

Did we mention there’s a cute meaning behind the name, TEAMride? The studio was started by four local (Loretto High School alums) sisters: Teresa, Elena, Alicia and Michelle. See what they did there? So adorable!

Michelle and Elena serve as the main “faces” for TEAMride. You’ll find them at the front desk and teaching classes. They also manage marketing/PR and instructor training/hiring. Teresa has three sons and a husband so you’ll find her behind the front desk on evenings and weekends, and Alicia handles the books from Colorado (however, she’ll be in the studio a lot this summer!).
From left to right: Teresa, Elena, and Michelle

And just when we thought they couldn’t get any cooler, we found out they hosted a benefit class for the St. Francis alum injured during the Boston Marathon bombing – reminding us once again that great character is shown in small acts of generosity, helping where/when you can.

Our bottom line? TEAMride is a great time and an amazing workout. We encourage everyone to try it out!



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