Wag Work Wine: Wine and Pet Travel Tips

By Kristen Lowrey Larson

EXCERPT: Going away this weekend? Make sure your second most valuable luggage (your wine, second to your pup, of course) stays safe (and your clothes stay safe from your wine).

HuffPost Travel gives some great “travel hacks,” or tips on packing your suitcase for a trip.

This video shows you how to use a pair of shoes to conceal the wine bottle. I usually just roll the bottle of wine in a sweatshirt and make sure there is enough cushion on all sides, but I’m eager to try this method on my next vacay.Some of these tips I already do for long trips:

  • Roll clothes to save space and to prevent wrinkles
  • Tissue paper works well to prevent wrinkles when folding (recycle that birthday gift bag stuffing!)
  • Plastic bags can help you stay organized if you have multiple stops, tanks in one bag, dresses in another. (I like to save my plastic bags from Old Navy, Express and J.Crew when I order clothes online, which fold over instead of buying large Ziploc bags which are harder to close.)

Other tips I plan on trying out on my next trip:

  • Necklace through a straw? (Doesn’t work for all sizes but maybe I’ll take a few extra large straws from ampm next time I stop for crunch ice.)
  • Jewelry in a pillbox? (No one will try to steal your vitamins so your jewelry is safe!)
  • Rolled money in a lip balm tube? (But how do you get the lip balm out??)
  • A dryer sheet (Why didn’t I think of that??)

I will add that for long trips through Europe (or any other destination where plan to recycle your wardrobe) I bring a few travel-sized Febreze® sprays. I spray down my shirts and dresses after each use and it extends the number of times I can wear them before that Summer humidity and dust from walking through the Roman Forum catches up.

Not sure about what to pack for your pup? Christine gives her packing list for a pup road trip and Torey has some tips on how to survive a road trip with a puppy!

Read the full post over at our good friends’ blog, Wag Work Wine!

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