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mac2By Sarah Pollo

Editor’s note: Sarah has a blog dedicated entirely to Mac-N-Cheese. Awesome, right? Read the original post and her other reviews here.

MNC SD #1 

I’m baaaack and I’m going to do a Mac N’ Momma blog first. I am going to combine two macaroni and cheese (MNC) dishes in one post. It makes sense because both of these delicious (yes, I have already given away that this is yet another positive review) MNC trays were sampled – no devoured – on my trip to San Diego for my best friend’s bachelorette party this past weekend.

The first MNC devoured was during a pre-hangover or at least semi pre-hangover dinner with the bridal party and the bachelorette crew. The dinner was at The Marble Room in the heart of downtown San Diego’s Gas Lamp district. This restaurant is very unique and has one of my favorite themes, which is burlesque. Everything inside is in dark reds and purples and there is the obligatory stage with a piano and pole, but best of all- portraits of naked people all along the walls. Definitely one of the best environments to walk into and try a MNC dish!

I have to say – my favorite MNCs are those that have bread crumbs sprinkled on top and are doused in truffle oil. It really makes the texture and taste perfect and that is exactly how The Marble Room’s MNC dish is made. In fact, I don’t have the recipe, but I would guess there are 5 things included and just these 5 things: a bucket of bread crumbs, a bucket of truffle oil, large penne pasta noodles and mozzarella and cheddar cheese. So so tasty, but I would recommend ordering two of the appetizer MNCs as they are very small aka not large enough for this MNC connoisseur.

The Marble Room is located at 535 5th Ave., San Diego, CA 92101 and is a great choice for a bachelorette dinner or any dinner/pre-night out-on-the-town stop in San Diego! Plus it is right by an Irish pub that blares bagpipes on Fri. and Sat. nights and is filled with men in kilts. Two words: Yes. Please.


macThis second MNC dish I tried while in SD for the best friend’s epic bachelorette party was actually perfect for my physical and emotional state of mind. It lacked the bucket of breadcrumbs and truffle oil, but was completely creamy, which was what the doctor ordered for my hangover the morning I tried this. We were on the 4th day of the bachelorette extravaganza and my body could no longer chew, swallow or digest solid foods. This MNC dish was almost a soup and seriously helped the nausea I had – well that and the glass of soda water with bitters, which is a must when you are hungover… and the room starts to spin.

This MNC was ordered at The Coaster Saloon in Mission Beach, which was two blocks from this awesome three-story beach house we rented and across the street from the Mission Beach coaster. That coaster seemed like such a great idea at the height of the partying when water was replaced with alcohol for three days straight, but on the 4th morning when I ordered this MNC dish, I wanted to shut it down. The last thing someone on a fourth day of a bachelorette party wants to hear is a bunch of screaming people on a loud ass wooden roller coaster. But I digress. Overall, I love this saloon and loved this MNC plate. It’s your classic; back-to-the-basics style MNC with four cheeses and macaroni noodles. And yes, I may or may not have had some spoonfuls with a side of ranch. That was where my state of mind and body was at that morning.

The Coaster Saloon is located at 744 Ventura Pl., San Diego, CA 92109 and has views of the coaster I just mentioned, the beach and Mission Beach’s finest surfers/alcoholics/beach bums. Enjoy if you are in San Diego!!!!

Guest blogger Sarah Pollo is a Senior Account Executive and Social Media Specialist at FSB Core Strategies. Also a self-proclaimed boisterous Forty-niner fan who loves macaroni and cheese and attempts to run the calories off with random 5k, 10k and half marathon races. Some additional attributes include being under 5 feet tall, obsessed with pugs, an East Sacramento homeowner and current graduate student enrolled in Sacramento State’s Masters in Government program.


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