Wag Work Wine: How to Keep Your Work Wardrobe Free of Dog Hair

dog hairBy Torey Van Oot

EXCERPT: One of the many joys of owning a golden retriever: their lustrous coats shed… all. the. time.

Kirby’s golden locks cover the carpets, the couches, and, unfortunately, my clothes. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve looked down at my desk to realize I look like I spent my morning rolling around on the floor of a salon in freshly dry cleaned black dress pants.

I think we can agree that a dusting of dog hair doesn’t do much for a professional wardrobe so here are some tips for keeping your slacks, skirts and dresses fur free.

1.) Don’t wear black when you have a light-furred dog… and vice versa OK, this first one is a joke. It is not advisable to dress like your dog.

2.) Brush and bathe your pup often. The more hair you can extract from your dog yourself, the less hair will be left, well, everywhere else. I like to sit Kirby on the front porch and give him a good comb through at least once a week to minimize the mess inside…

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