The Birds!

birdsBy Alanna Bradley

Ah! Spring. Flowers are blooming, the sun is shining and the birds are flying into windows.

Say wha’? Seriously, this is a real problem as I recently learned. Consider this a PSA on spring bird safety my friends.

After replacing the windows in our home over the winter, we ended up on a sunny spring weekend being plagued by the sounds of multiple thuds on the window followed by care for injured birds and tasteful burials of the few that didn’t make it.

Googling how to solve this problem left me slightly perplexed at how to solve it and also mildly terrified that I may die in the very near future (there are legends tied to birds dying at your home and someone within the home passing away). I may or may not have seen the doctor for my annual check-up a few months early after the incident. Fittingly, it’s also the 50th anniversary year of the movie the birds, but I assure you none of my bird friends ever attacked.

I had a lot of recommendations on how to resolve this issue – some worked, some didn’t and some were just plain inconvenient. After visiting many hardware stores and gardening stores, the lovely people at the Gifted Gardner finally directed me to Wild Birds Unlimited in Loehman’s Plaza on Fair Oaks. The magic answer I found were these window stickers that reflect light back to birds so they understand that the window is a solid surface. 

I also tried hanging tinsel like you see in crop fields…there was a decrease in bird trauma, but not a full on solution. Other dumb recommendations from hardware stores – put fake stain glass looking contact paper over my windows or attach really expensive unattractive outdoor shades. Fear not, neither hideous option needs to happen. $6 stickers that few seem to know about and the issue will be solved.

Back to listening to those sweet birds chirp outside my window without fear of them committing suicide because I wanted a nice view. Darn humans!

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