Day Trip: Hog Island Oyster Company

hog_island_oystersBy Jamee Sims

Now that spring is here and summer is right around the corner, I love figuring out where we can escape on the weekends for delicious food and a great glass of wine.

Sure, Sacramento has its fair share of joints that fulfill this request but there is something about making the drive to Tomales Bay that makes me all giddy inside.

Located about 2.5 hours away in the tiny coastal cove of Tomales Bay is The Hog Island Oyster Company (20215 Highway, Marshall, CA 94940).

There are no bright signs, no paved sidewalks and definately no dress codes. This little gem does have free valet parking, which I thoroughly enjoy. You can take a stab at just going on a whim and hoping you find a place to sit but I advise you to book a picnic table in advance.


Hog Island is an outside picnic bench/bbq pit/oyster bar, and they will serve you as many oysters as you can gulp down in one siting.

They offer BBQ, Spicy, Shucked and not shucked.  They also serve beer and wine, but better yet, they let you bring your own with no corkage fee.

Now back to the booking part. You must call in advance to secure a table. Last summer it took me three months to get a reservation! Yes, it gets that crowded! For $75 a table (which can accommodate up to 10 people) you get the table, condiments, a dozen oysters and BBQ. You purchase in advance or on the day of all the oysters you and your crew can eat for the 2-3 hour sitting! You can also bring your own food to supplement the feast.

The tables look out onto the cove and gorgeous beach cliffs surround you. My only advice is to dress warm with layers and have a designated driver!

You can book a table by calling 415.663.1242, and view the full website here:

Bon Appétit!




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