Adult Recess in Sacramento

By Laura Braden

I don’t want to jinx the amazing weather, but it appears that Spring has sprung in Sacramento. And with bikini season around the corner, it’s time to re-commit to some sort of exercise routine. As much as I love yoga, it’s hard to justify sweating out the demons in a dark studio when the weather is 70+ degrees. Luckily, Sacramento has two great sports leagues that provide a fun way to meet new people and enjoy the great outdoors.

wakaWAKA (Facebook, Twitter) was launched in 1998 to “promote the joy of kickball to those young at heart.” WAKA has leagues in 35 states and thousands of WAKA Kickball players gather each fall in Las Vegas for the World Kickball Championship Weekend.

Administered by my good friends, Asher Cohen and Nathan Udy, registration is now open.

The season runs April 4 through June 20, and games are held on Thursday night at McKinley Park. You can sign up as an individual (and get assigned to a team at random) or you can organize your own team.

Want to organize your own team? Here’s how it works: a group leader needs to be the first one to register. Once you register and pay, you will have the option of creating a friends group. Once that is done you can invite others to join your group. Teams may have up to 26 players, WAKA sets the final team rosters and may need to add players to balance out the teams.

They’re also holding a launch party on Friday, March 29 at R15 (RSVP here). Asher and Nathan will be there to answer any questions, and they’ll have a computer for anyone who wants to sign up. Bonus? Raffle tickets for San Francisco Giants tickets.


Want more than kick ball? Then check out XOSO…

xosoXOSO Sport and Social League (Facebook, Twitter) (pronounced Zo-So) was launched in 2008 to “bring fun, sports, exercise, and drinks to the masses.”

Administered by another good friend, Nick Berruezo, the rates/schedules vary by activity.

You can sign up for an online membership for free, which gets you access to most of their happy hours, bar specials and social events. For the sports leagues, fitness classes and dance lessons, the fee covers field and facility rentals, insurance costs, t-shirts, equipment and administrative costs.

As of right now, they offer the following the activities:

And XOSO isn’t just sports and social events – they also give back to the community via donations of time, money, and by providing volunteers to local non-profit organizations. 

Check out the schedules and register here (they also have an extremely comprehensive FAQ section for those of you still on the fence).


Recess is now in session – get outdoors GOTGers!

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