CORE Dance Collective's "Frayed Edges" – Showcasing the Beauty of Being Human

coreBy Kellie Edson

As a Sacramento local, you see community center Broadway shows…maybe you frequent some of the Music Circus summer shows… Perhaps you even support of our local groups like the B Street Theatre, Capitol Stage, etc.

But I bet you have never heard of CORE.

Founded by Kelli Leighton in 2007, CORE Dance Collective (Facebook) is a professional contemporary dance company comprised of performance artists from many different backgrounds. Their mission is to “engage, entertain, educate, and promote the expression of our human experiences through movement.”

In short, they are amazing.

I have been in awe at the beauty of their shows every time I see them perform. I also love the that one of my girlfriends I went to (believe it or not) preschool with back in my little small town of Truckee is a performer with this group.  The fact that Ashley is living her passion is something I feel we can all take a lesson from.

frayedCORE’s newest show “Frayed Edges” begins tonight through Saturday at the Benvenuti Performing Arts Center in Natomas. And even though tonight is sold out, tickets are still available for Friday and Saturday ($25 at the door or $20 online).

“Frayed Edges” features artistic director Kelli Leighton’s award winning pieced from the 2012 International Choreographer’s Competition. It also features “After the Storm” – their AMAZING piece celebrating the human spirit, which is set to Mumford and Sons music.  I’ve seen the show and can attest that it’s absolutely beautiful.

Do something different this weekend and check it out!

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