10 Reasons to Be a Renter … Forever

for rentBy Kelly Conroy

I want to preface this by saying that I know how very lucky I am to be a homeowner and I love our little house dearly.

But sometimes the projects and the housework and the constant hemorrhage of money make me a little nostalgic for the days before a mortgage – when weekends were free and my savings account existed. Sometimes I want to grab people living in awesome Victorian apartments and shake them until they agree to never stop renting. As far as I know, “Stranger Shaking” isn’t illegal, but probably frowned upon.

So, in lieu of the shaking, I’ve listed some reasons to be a renter forever, in case you needed convincing.

1. Writing a down payment check that will clean out your life-long savings is a real bummer.

2. Mowing the lawn is something you do for a weekly $5 allowance when you’re 10, not how you want to spend your hungover Sunday mornings. And having dead, yellow grass is not a good way to make neighbor friends.

3. You don’t have to pay the plumber. Or the repairman. Or anyone else that charges $80 an hour to track dirt through your living room and not fix the problem the first time.

4. Do you know how much a new roof costs? No? Lucky you.

5. You get to spend your weekends relaxing, partying with friends, trying new restaurants and dreaming up your next Sunday Funday adventure – not organizing your garage and having passive-aggressive conversations with your neighbor about replacing a fence.

6. That hole you put in the wall when the hammer missed the nail? The landlord will fix that when you move out. Cover it with a “Live Laugh Love” picture frame and forget about it.

7. The thrill of getting a security deposit back. It’s like free money!

8. Rent is cheaper than a mortgage. I promise.

9. If your neighbor is a jerk or has odd hours or is doing something illegal, you can move away from them.

10. The security of knowing that if the house floods, collapses, is eaten by termites, or spontaneously bursts into flames, you don’t have to pay for any of it.

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  1. Chantel Elder says

    Oh Kelly! This is all SO true.

    a home owner

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