Pyramid is Out – But What's Coming In?

Source: Sacramento Downtown

By Ashley Robinson

You know what did not surprise me this week? The closure of Pyramid on K Street.

I’ve never really thought of it as a place to go and hang out. They used to have a popular trivia night, or so I hear. And I’ve never walked out after a meal clamoring for another visit.

Sure, it was a great location to host events or meet up with other Capitol staffers for lunch. It was accessible, it was easy, but it was lacking in character and healthy food options. (When I think of Pyramid, I think greasy bar food and some monster calorie-rich salads as an option.)

Unfortunately, there’s talk of getting another brewery in that spot. Don’t get me wrong, I like beer. But I don’t need a brewery-type setting with the typical complimentary food menu during the work-week lunch hour. I’d like something that isn’t as fancy (or stuffy) as Chops, Ella, and Esquire for lunch. I’d also like something that changes its menu with the seasons, unlike Bernardo’s and Ambrosia’s (which I think has had the same core menu for at least six years – the chicken pesto sandwich is great, but can we add something new?).

The food scene around the Capitol for lunch is just not good. I think it’s getting better, but very slowly.

K Street in general is getting better, but slowly.

One of the reasons cited in the Sac Bee article about why it may have closed was that it couldn’t keep up with competition – which I think is a great sign of progress for K Street. If Pyramid used to be the best thing on the block, how bad was the rest of it?! Now that there are new restaurants and nightclubs coming in, plus the constant stream of activity at the Crest and the old stand-by of Marilyn’s, it’s not a hole on the weekends.

But during the work-week, it’s still struggling to find its edge.

So, what I’m trying to get at it, in this very clumsy rant of a blog, is that I encourage city and business leaders to look at attracting a restaurant with a “farm to fork” type of vibe. If this is the year of “farm to fork” and we are interested in highlighting the amazingly diverse and unique food scene that only Sacramento has to offer, why can’t we have a lunch place near the Capitol that reflects that? Why can’t we have a low-rent version of Mulvaney’s or Grange, or even another Magpie in the old Pyramid spot?

I WANT to sit on the corner of K and 11th to people-watch during my stifled lunch hour and eat locally-sourced food that is new and interesting, healthy and light. And I’m pretty sure I’m not alone in this desire. It’s a perfect spot to make something special, that draws people in, and Sacramento is in a perfect state-of-mind to see this come true, right now, in 2013.

Legislators, capitol staffers, state workers, lobbyists, public relations hacks, and journalists deserve something better than a new beer joint where they can order another version of mozzarella cheese sticks. Especially not here in the “farm to fork” capital of America.

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