Found: Top 5 Sacramento Tumblrs

By Laura Braden

Need another entertaining/enlightening time waster during your work week? Let me (re)introduce you to Tumblr.

Tumblr is an awesome micro-blogging and social networking platform that was launched in 2007 and currently has over 80 million blogs. I started using it in 2010 because it offered an easy and fun way to keep a personal (and anonymous/private) journal. You can follow others (and they’ll pop up in a newsfeed similar to Facebook), and you can search for content using hashtags (similar to Twitter).

Those who utilize Tumblr will notice a high volume of GIFs, making Tumblr (in my humble opinion) ground zero for emerging social media and pop culture trends. And the New York Times agrees with me:

“A lot of viral GIFs we see these days are real-time snippets of what’s trending in the viral video circuit, news and pop culture,” Mr. Kim said. “In a way, GIF is taking over TV shows like ‘The Soup’ or ‘Best Week Ever’ as the more accurate pop culture barometer of our time.”

The cultural currency of GIFs has not gone unnoticed. The august Oxford American Dictionaries voted “GIF” as the word of the year for 2012, beating out “Eurogeddon” (the potential financial collapse of the euro zone) and “superstorm.”

“The GIF has evolved from a medium for pop-cultural memes into a tool with serious applications including research and journalism, and its lexical identity is transforming to keep pace,” Katherine Martin, the head of the United States dictionaries program at Oxford University Press, was quoted as saying.

Recently a few friends started a hilarious Tumblr focused on inside jokes throughout the grid – from local restaurants/bars to working in the “big white building.” From that experience, we’ve discovered several local Tumblrs worth bookmarking…check out our favorites:

1. 365 Days of Loving Sacramento

(Link) The title says it all, and I’m officially obsessed with this project. It was started by a woman who lived in Sacramento five years ago and HATED it, only to return recently and discover just how amazing our dear little city is. And she’s taking her newfound love to the streets and profiling a different place/reason each day for 2013. Her posts so far have included Old Soul, Moxie and Urban Hive – all excellent choices. 🙂 Can’t wait to see the other 350+ posts. And if anyone knows her identity – let me know, GOTG would love to profile her.

2. Sacramento Swagga

swag-banner(LINK) This Tumblr never fails to disappoint. Posts typically include the offbeat and ridiculous things/people spotted around Sacramento.

Disturbing Craigslist ads? Check. Absurd license plates? Check. Beat-up car with a Louis Vuitton paint job? Check. Bottom line, his (I’m assuming it’s a he) Tumblr keeps us laughing and our city humble.

You can submit your own pictures to

3. Sacramento History

(LINK) The most “adult” Tumblr in the list, Sacramento History posts old photos, postcards, ads, letters and maps. Great resource for anyone who wants a sneak peek into the past and/or to chronicle how far Sacramento has come. You can submit your own historical artifacts at

Check out the Turkey Dinner from Frank's Fats for $1.75!
Check out the Turkey Dinner from Frank’s Fats for $1.75!

4. Gifs on the Grid

Gifs copy(Link) Sorry, time for some self-promotion. Six of my friends started this Tumblr as a way to archive and share funny, amazing and downright weird times on the grid.

Part-inside jokes and part-snark, it’s all 916 via the healing power of GIFs and YouTube videos.

Love dancing at the Torch Club? There’s a GIF for that. Not impressed with Concert in the Park’s line-up? Neither are we. Work in the “big white building”? We can relate. Bonus? GifsOTG also takes submissions (

5. How I See the World

(Link) This Tumblr was started by Thomas Dodson, local social media producer and renaissance man. His photos of the city and life around Sacramento (and throughout California) are stunning. Definitely worth checking out.

So what’d I miss? Let me know your favorite Sacramento-based Tumblrs by leaving a comment below or emailing


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