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kickstarter-badge-fundedBy Laura Braden

Love supporting local businesses? So does GOTG, and lately we’ve been hearing about a lot of great Kickstarter projects that need our help.

Not familiar with Kickstarter? It’s basically an online funding platform for entrepreneurs to raise money for their projects. Pretty much anything/anyone can participate – from artists and designers to filmmakers and publishers (they don’t currently accept charity, cause, or “fund my life” projects). Since launching in 2009, more than three million people have pledged $450 million towards 35,000 creative projects.

The process is pretty simple… you can search projects by topic, location, tags and even “staff picks” and “ending soon.” Once you’ve IDed a project, you choose a funding amount (all projects have their own range with incentives attached for supporting them…think tote bag from PBS but cooler). And here’s the best part: let’s say you pledge $100, but the project doesn’t make it’s pre-set fundraising goal. Well, no worries because you don’t get charged. The idea behind the “all or nothing” donor system is that it lessens the risk for investors/projects and motivates supporters to help reach their project’s goals. So far, 44 percent of all projects have reached their fundraising goals. If you want more information on how Kickstarter works, click here.

And as previously mentioned, Sacramento has a few great projects that currently need our help. Here’s my top 3 – please consider supporting all/some of them!

1. Tapigami – Hacker Glasses

  • Rachael O'Brien (SMEBB 2013 nominee) sporting the SN&R glasses at BaconFest.
    Rachael O’Brien (SMEBB 2013 nominee) sporting the SN&R glasses at BaconFest.

    Pledged (as of 2/21/13): $5,500 (Goal: $15,000)

  • Days to go: 18

Hacker glasses are the world’s first glasses that use Tapigami lenses and 3d-printed frames to create custom, wearable art pieces!

Hacker glasses are happy blend of technology and art…for your face. They’re also utilizing local talent – from the Hacker Lab to Genesi5 – to bring their product to the marketplace.

Tre Borden (business manager at Tapigami) has prototypes floating all over Midtown, and I got to try the SN&R pair at the BaconFest challenge at Mulvaney’s. They’re super rad, and I invested in the project so I could get a special GOTG-themed pair for us to use at events, around town, etc. You could wear them everyday, but I think they’re especially fun for organizations to utilize at events (photo booth anyone?) and general marketing/promotion.

Tapigami is a contemporary art form created by Northern California artist Danny Scheible. First attracted to masking tape because of its versatile, accessible, and malleable nature, Danny used the unlikely material to create large-scale installations that redefined the potential of the medium and allowed him to spread a socially interactive new art form. Just check out his “tape city” (that’s he’s been working on for eight years!) below. He also makes lamps and jewelry accessories. You can check out their online store here.

tape city

2. Preservation & Co. – the Perfect Hand-Crafted Bloody Mary

  • presPledged: $9,473 (Goal: $10,000)
  • Days to go: 9

Love bloody mary’s? Of course you do – Sacramento is a brunch-loving town! Their signature bloody mary mix won the silver media in the National Absolut Vodka Bloody Mary Search in 2012, and now they want to bring their delish mix to the marketplace! Want to try one before you invest? Head over to Pour House (1810 Q Street) – they’re some of the best I’ve ever had (and I’m talking globally people).

Preservation & Co. was created because of a passion for cooking and old food preservation techniques. They use only local produce and currently sell the following products:

  • Big John’s Habanero Dill Chips – Spicy Pickled Cucumber Chips
  • Black Pepper Asparagus – Pickled Asparagus
  • Horseradish Green Beans – Zesty Pickled Green Beans
  • Balsamic Beets – Pickled Red Beets
  • Cayenne Carrot Sticks – Spicy Pickled Carrots
  • Award Winning Bloody Mary Mix
  • Sriracha Salt – Spicy Flavored Salt (Makes a great glass rimmer)

They’re utilizing Kickstarter to invest towards moving into a new production facility in Midtown and products to meet retail orders (jars, labels, ingredients, shipping, packaging, etc).  

3. Thuy Pham: Live and Die by the Rock

  • kidsPledged: $1,102 (Goal: $2,550)
  • Days to go: 8

Teacher Thuy Pham is trying to raise money for his students’ film project (check out a clip here). He teaches at Creative Connections Arts Academy, which is a charter school in the North Highlands that infuses the arts into their students’ daily curriculum (including film, dance, band, choir and game design). From Thuy:

As their teacher, I try to instill life skills through the platform of film making. It’s a rewarding experience having students get to explore their imagination and follow-through on topics they are interested in. They get to make mistakes and not feel bad about them. They learn that success comes from within and that experience is what will help them persevere in life.

The Kickstarter funds will be invested towards post-production expenses, as well as a red carpet premiere at the Crest Theatre on April 6, 2013. Thuy’s 32 students act, direct, film, edit, and perform all the behind the scenes film operations. Their equipment is purchased through past fundraising, donation from parents, or using his personal budget.

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