A Healthier 2013 Part 2: Farm Fresh To You


Now let me start by saying, I LOVE our Sunday Farmer’s markets downtown under the freeway.  Especially during the summer when the stands are blooming with strawberries, cherries and peaches.  I love the fresh flowers…the lavender and olive oil booths.

BUT – I don’t love rolling out of my bed early, especially on these cold winter Sundays.  And I – my husband even more so – don’t handle crowds…well. With us, it’s early or nothing.

Another thing is, I’m not likely to pick up random greens, veggies, or even fruit that I’m unfamiliar with.  Super non-adventurous, I know.

Enter Farm Fresh to You!

Farm Fresh is local, organic produce delivered to your doorstep.  Every Thursday night I feel like the fruit and vegetable fairy comes to visit and Friday morning I wake up to a box of healthy produce!  This is because my husband and I choose to do weekly delivery.  You can choose monthly, every other week, or even skip a delivery when necessary.  It’s incredibly flexible which I love.   We’ve been doing it for about a month and the regular mixed box weekly has been perfect for us.  It’s $31.50 but there’s also a smaller $25 box that my friend receives.  You can even choose if you want veggie or fruit only and you can go in to your settings each week and say….“no don’t send me that yucky fennel!” or “You know, Farm Fresh, I really hate beets.” Okay, maybe you don’t talk to the computer…but you get the idea. Customize, customize, customize!

But for me, the real beauty of farm fresh is that you DO get to try produce you might never have before – or would rarely buy yourself.  I made red chard the other night and we made a delicious cauliflower dish last week.  It really forces you to discover and try new things!

And if I haven’t convinced you to have the produce fairy come to your house, enter code 6164 and tell them Kellie Edson referred you when you check out to receive $10 off your first box of produce. Then you can refer more friends and get even more savings!

Happy Healthy Eating!

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