Winter Beauty Essentials

By Paola Baluyot

With winter not only comes freezing cold temperatures but also cracked skin, chapped lips and dry hair. It can be a brutal thing especially when it comes to finding the right products. I admit it is quite difficult figuring what works and what doesn’t, and the trial and error process can be grueling enough to take an entire winter season! Fear not, ladies. Here are my go-to tried and true winter beauty essentials that will give you shiny hair, soft lips and moisturized skin through the colder months.


Bliss offers a great line of at-home spa products, and if you suffer from dry and cracked skin, this product is a must. No need to keep reapplying, and it does not have that greasy residue body balms are known for. The 24-‘Heaven’ Healing Body Balm is a miracle in a tub.

Tip: Apply it after showering for softer skin throughout the day.


Kerastase is not exactly the cheapest brand, but after my brief stint as a receptionist at a high-end beauty salon, I learned that “cheap” products can do just as much damage to your hair as the winter season. I highly suggest this masque to keep your hair moisturized and shiny. Not to mention the smell is divine.

Tip: Leave it in for an extra five minutes for a shinier finish.


One word: hydrating. I am absolutely obsessed with this product. It keeps lips soft without that waxy icky feeling. They also offer it in a variety of tints if you’re looking to add a little pop of color.  Did I mention it also has SPF 15? So this beauty bag must-have is perfect for yearlong lip protection.

Tip: Exfoliating your lips using a toothbrush (try a kid-sized toothbrush) creates the perfect canvas for a smoother application.

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