Exit Interview: 2012 SMEBB Winners Matt Ruggerio and Lawana Welch

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Bachelorette Winner: Lawana Welch

lawanaQ: How has becoming the 2012 SMEBB changed your life?  Being SMEBB 2012 hasn’t really changed my life. I was fabulous before SMEBB, and the win just solidified my fabulousness. I’ve always knew a would win a crown, I just didn’t know when or where. Also, being able to name drop myself to get free drinks is awesome.

Q: What have you done during your reign?  I’ve met so many awesome people this year during and after the competition; however I’ve also met loads of douchebags as well. Using my platform as an ambassador to all those who are single, I felt it was my duty to go out and try to alienate and call out as many douchebags as possible.

Q: What’s the secret to winning the crown?  The main way to win is to have a lot of aggressive people in your circle. And by circle, I mean a campaign staff. I specifically told my friends to NOT nominate me and they did it anyway, so I told them to finish the job and make me win. And they did! My “campaigners” were awesome. They created so many ads for facebook and I believe they were close to creating a you tube commerical if they had more time. Their goal was to reach as many people as possible.  In the end, I even had relatives of friends message me and say they voted for me. It was kinda crazy.

Q: Have you found love? No love, but a lot likes! In all honesty, I think I dated more without the title. It has kind of been a curse as far as dating. But it was fun to use as a conversation starter, especially when out of town. Can you believe people actually google me to see if it was true? Crazy.

Q: What did you do with your crown? I still have it. I’ve actually worn it out in public a couple of times for fun. But I recommend upgrading it to at least a crown from Claire’s for the next SMEBB so it’s not as “fragile”. Yes I’m a crown snob.

Q: Any tips for this year’s SMEBB?  Have fun with it and take advantage of all the benefits because the year goes by quickly!

Bachelor Winner: Matt Ruggerio

mattQ: How has becoming the 2012 SMEBB changed your life? Being SMEB introduced me to a lot of great people from my fellow contestants, to the lovely girls at Girls on the Grid, to all the interesting women all over Sacramento. It also led me to my beautiful girlfriend.

Q: What have you done during your reign? The first thing I did was go out to the grid and enjoyed being a minor celebrity of Sacramento for a few months. I couldn’t go to a bar where people didn’t recognize me. This often led to free drinks, laughs and phone numbers. Believe it!

Q: What’s the secret to winning the crown? Never stop self-promoting and constantly ask friends and family for support. It’s a daily grind but that’s the key. You have to want to win it. The reward is well worth the work.

Q: Have you found love? Yes. I’m dating a wonderful lady right now by the name of Kacey. She’s absolutely fantastic and has only improved my life. We’ve been dating for almost 8 months at this point. Sorry ladies! This guy is taken.

Q: What did you do with your crown? My golden crown is hanging in my home office.  It’s a constant reminder of this great event, all the fun that I had, and it’s good for the ego!

Q: Any tips for this year’s SMEBB? Get out as soon and often as possible and enjoy the crown while it lasts. The night of your crowning make sure you have a good friend near to take down all the phone numbers. It’s a hurricane and you’ll need help. Most importantly, try your best to find someone special. That’s the purpose of this event and I’m a believer. Good luck!

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