48 Hours With My 5 Year Old Nephew

IMG_2606By Kira Rasmussen

Me: “Do you know what I have planned for you? You’re going to love it. We’re going to see a 3D movie!”

Nephew: “At iMax? I don’t want to go. It’s too scary.”

Well, Crap.

So my nephew, Cole, from Seattle came to stay with us for two nights last week while my sister-in-law was working in the bay area. I was super excited because my nephew is really awesome and although FaceTime is great, real time is better.

I was really hell-bent on the iMax thing because I’d invested the time into watching every one of the G-rated trailers and because it was the perfect time filler in between the railroad museum and the time we needed to leave town to return him to his mom. I convinced my nephew to brave the theater by letting him bring his trusty stuffed turtle, which apparently, his parents don’t him do. Win. We bought our tickets, walked up to the guy handing out glasses, and then STOP. Cole looks up at the screen and says “it’s too big!” and runs away back into the lobby. FAIL. 5 minutes later after treating him to water and popcorn, we held hands and entered boldly into the dark room. Reality check Kira: he’s five years old.  I always forget that, mostly because he’s tall and better than me at math.

I couldn’t decide what we should do with his time here, so I tried to squeeze in everything I could think of- why not? We did Sutter’s Fort, and by did I mean we ran around there for like 10 minutes looking for the cannons and watching 4th graders make bread, played a round of mini-golf and air hockey at Scandia with my dad, visited the railroad museum, saw a movie, and capped it off with a tour of the Jelly Belly Factory on our way to the Bay Area. A lot, I know, but I had to make it memorable, right?

For two days I cruised all over the grid in my Jeep, with my co-pilot in his booster seat in the back, and had a blast rocking out to the Indie Kid’s Pandora Radio Station. He already knew all of the songs, which made me feel like I was doing something right. And I only got mistaken for his mom 2 times, which when it happened, made me feel weird. But it made sense I guess, when I see a late twenty-something woman with a child I assume it’s hers too and he was well-behaved so I didn’t object.

The highlight? I’m not sure what Cole would say, but in my mind it was definitely the Jelly Belly factory. I know it’s off the grid (in Fairfield if you haven’t been), but it was perfectly suited for a 5 year-old and actually, really great for all ages. We talked the whole way there about what kind of weird and funny flavors we might be able to try, and he thought I was full of it when I promised there would be booger flavor. The sample bar did not disappoint. He giggled like crazy whenever I said the word booger, and that made me feel like a cool aunt.

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