First Time on Sacramento's Light Rail

RT Light Rail elk GroveBy Kelly Conroy

Let’s be honest, the light rail is usually associated with less than appealing visuals. And I have to admit, after living in Sacramento my entire life I never once took the light rail. But after moving out of midtown and into East Sac, I quickly realized what a pain it is to have to drive and park on the grid.

So, after 27 years of fearing our public transportation system, I’m happy to report that it’s really kind of rad. Tickets are only $2.50 and will take you into midtown faster than any parallel parking job you’ve ever attempted.

As with most public transportation systems, it takes a bit of planning (especially in the winter when standing still outside isn’t an enjoyable activity). The schedule changes at certain times on certain days – sometimes a train comes every 15 minutes, sometimes it’s every 30.  Either way, it’s not super inconvenient to wait for the next one. There are also multiple lines, so make sure that your destination is covered by the train that you’re on. Most of the stops (like most of midtown) are within walking distance of wherever you want to go, but it’s nice to get the most bang for your $2.50 and ride straight to your desired station.

The thing that always bummed me out about our public transportation system was the lack of options for our suburbs. I thought Folsom was the only sprawl section served by the light rail but it turns out that it’s pretty extensive. There are “Park and Ride” options near Folsom, Sunrise, Pocket, Natomas, and Arden areas. It takes some extra planning and probably at least one transfer, but I’d like to think that it’s worth it in gas and environmental savings.

For now, I’ll enjoy the three minutes it takes to get from my house to Magpie on our light rail and I encourage you to get a taste of it as well! Everything you could ever want to know about our regional transit is online (

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  1. --barker says

    Disagree. I admit I’m overprotective of the people I care about, but I’d never recommend to any Girl on the Grid to ride light rail.

  2. Elizabeth Welsh says

    I am a light rail rider and I love it! I use less gas in a week than I would in a day between work and school. Plus time to answer emails.

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