A Healthier 2013 (Part 1): The Whole Foods Value Tour

wholefoodsBy Kellie Edson

If you’ve never done the value tour at Whole Foods, then you need to add it to your new year’s resolutions.  Especially if your other resolutions included being healthier.

It is a common joke that whole foods = whole paycheck.  And while there surely are many expensive foods at Whole Foods, there are also many inexpensive options available.

The Whole Foods Value Tour is a FREE class offered once per month and individuals can take it once per year.  Chef Chris Chisholm says that’s because it’s free and they feed you.  Quite well – might I add.

After you take a tour of the store, learning all sorts of little tidbits about Whole Foods that you may not have otherwise known, Chris cooks the group up some yummy inexpensive dishes that you not only get to eat but also take home the recipes. Our day included Goat Cheese and Zucchini Frittata, Farfalle Pasta with Winter Pesto, a simple white bean spread and homemade corn tortillas.


I’ve been on a no preservatives kick after reading this blog and Whole Foods is an excellent resource for this.  Besides re-realizing all of the great preservative free foods and personal care items they carry, here are 4 other great things I learned:

  • They have a coupon board!  This may be a “duh” to some people but because Whole Foods always equaled expensive in my mind, I never had thought of it.  The Arden one is located near the prepared foods side and people can put their extra coupons from the weekly booklet here. That way, you don’t have to pick up the entire thing and have a bunch of coupons you won’t use.  Super smart.  They also have weekly specials listed on a separate sheet and a Friday one day sale – usually with an included recipe.
  • The reason none of their organic produce is wrapped in plastic is because all of their employees are trained to handle organic produce.  This isn’t the case at Wal-Mart, Target, Etc.  Also – 90% of their produces is local.  Speaking of local – look for an upcoming GOTG post by me about how awesome Farm Fresh to You is!
  • Unlike typical grocery stores, their end caps are actually good sales and/or seasonal.  In typical grocery stores, those end caps are bought by large companies for placement.  Makes sense why you see a lot of Coke and Pepsi there huh.

The February Value Tour wasn’t listed yet as of this writing, but go to wholefoods.com to find out when it is and sign up! Spaces are limited.

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