Winter Survival Beauty Tips

winter_beauty_tipsBy Meghan McFadyen

Since that most recent cold snap that left your Instagram feed a continuous scroll of icy windshields and frosty front lawns I think its safe to say that Mother Nature has been one fickle lady this year.

I missed most of the cold snap while I was visiting my sister in South Korea, which was at times not that much colder compared to Sacramento. I spent two weeks either hurriedly walking around in the cold wondering how Korean girls wear tights and mini skirts like its not 16 degrees out or mentally thanking whoever invented floor heating. By day 5 my skin was on the verge of revolt and my hair needed some TLC.  I was clearly not prepared for actual winter conditions long term. These seven things helped me recover my skin and hair the most and were the easiest to work into my daily routine.

1.     Drink water. Its easy to forget that you still need to stay hydrated when you’re not sweating it out in 90 degree heat and shivering in subway station. Keeping hydrated is one of the easiest ways to keep your skin happy and healthy all year.

2.     Always wear sunscreen. That song is true all year round, especially if you head up to the snow. I like to use a face moisturizer that has an SPF. Aveeno makes great face lotions that are really gentle.

3.     Step away from the harsh face wash.  The cold and indoor heating can both dry out your skin and cause breakouts. Don’t rush for the harsh cleansers. Instead go for a gentle face wash. Treat any problem areas directly by dabbing whatever blemish treatment you like on with a Q-tip if necessary. Exfoliating your face once or twice a week to get rid of dry skin will also help keep your skin healthy in the winter. (Koreans are really into exfoliating and they have great skin.)

4.     Love your lips. Chapped lips are the worst and happen more often in the winter. Add a moisturizing lip balm into your daily skin care routine. If your lips are really chapped you can apply a layer of Vaseline to them in the morning. It creates a better barrier to the cold than lip balms.

5.     Don’t leave the house with wet hair. I do this more often that I’d like to admit since I wear my hair curly more often than not. I tell myself that turning my car heater on high is the same thing as blow-drying it, but its so not. The cold will make your wet hair susceptible to becoming brittle. If its really cold it will actually freeze and can break off.

6.     Leave those luscious locks alone. Try not to brush your hair or play with it. Brushing can strip out natural oils that protect your hair from the elements and indoor heating. It can also cause breakage. If you really need to use a wide toothcomb instead of a brush.

7.     Condition. Use a good moisturizing conditioner during the winter.  If you have fine or thin hair use your normal conditioner and a light leave in spray in conditioner.

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