Meet Your 2013 SMEBB Nominees

Click here to vote for the 2013 SMEBB (you can vote for one lady and one guy)! (DEADLINE: 7pm on Monday, February 11)

We’ll celebrate the nominees and announce the winners at a cocktail party on Tues, February 12 at Marilyn’s on K at 5:30pm. Details/RSVP here!

And we’re partnering with WEAVE for the fourth year running so be sure to bring a clothing donation (lightly used suits/business attire) to help local women get back on their feet.



KEVIN ALBRIGHT, 40, Purchasing Agent at JMC Homes
Kevin… meet the ladies, ladies… meet your dream man! Kevin just celebrated his second 20th birthday but can still throw back shots of Fireball like he did in his hay-day at Chico State. Don’t get lost in those baby blues, you might just miss the scenery…a great job, his own house and of course his little niece that will send you over the edge when you see how cute he is with them. Caught your interest? Well this Taco Tuesday loyalist and frequenter of local eateries is not just all about organizing networking events with friends and colleagues, Mr. Albright is also quite the fitness guru, one has to be to keep those washboards running smoothly! Get ’em ladies!


JOHNNY BATEMAN, 29, Account Executive at Capitol Digital Document Solutions
A Sacramento kid through and through, Johnny B is a familiar face to many, and a great friend to even more. An avid outdoorsman, Johnny loves the water. During the summer he can often be found wake boarding or jet skiing when he isn’t busy fishing or camping.  A die hard sports fan, Johnny bleeds black and orange for his beloved Giants. Perhaps no one is more stoked for the Niners Super Bowl birth than this local champion.  Johnny is mad personable, is an adventurous eater – his love of Lalo’s tacos is well documented – and is always on rounds at his favorite watering hole: Chargins. This guy is the total package ladies. Grab him while he’s still single.


ASHER COHEN, 28, User Experience Engineer
Sacramento women who love a great time, getting weak, and having your  ass occasionally grabbed, meet your prince charming! Unabashed and hilarious, this Hamilton New Zealand native currently makes the grid his stomping ground. But wait ladies! There are brains behind that beauty. When Asher isn’t busy imbibing all of midtown’s Marimite and vodka, he can be found saving baby whales and confirming adoptions via his day job as a scientist! A true road warrior, Asher often hits the road with family and friends alike for new adventures in rented RV’s he affectionately names after aging action stars. This tall non-Kiwi would love for you to be his awkward dance partner at this years Coachella music festival – and can promise to save you a seat on board the Steven Segal.


ANIL GANTI, 23, Demand Side Specialist for SMUD
Anil is one of the most down to earth, relaxed people I know. He is incredibly smart and passionate about his job, but also knows how to have fun. He rock climbs and loves backpacking and exploring California. He is always up to try new things and see new places.  Anil’s nerdy charm and sense of adventure make him the perfect catch.


STEVE HANSEN, 33, Sacramento City Council Member
Dubbed “the voice of the grid,” Steve is truly a man about town. While some know him as the newly elected District 4 city councilman, most know Steve as the go-to-guy for all things downtown/midtown. It’s a confirmed fact that Steve is actually friends with roughly 99% of the area’s population, can tell you exactly where to find the best enchilada this side of San Fran, and can snag you a table at Enotria on a moment’s notice. When he’s not hard at work, this Sacramento enthusiast can often be found grabbing coffee at his local roaster or lounging on his oversized sofa with his trusted canine companion, Oreo. Equal parts caring and compassionate, Steve will drink with you at KBar, talk you through the cities latest redevelopment plans, and spot you on your parking meter. Grab him while he’s available potential suitors – And be sure to save your Steve 4 Sac yard signs for when he’s President.


ALEX HESSER, 31, High School History Teacher
When Alex isn’t busy cultivating young minds as a high school history teacher, he can be found in his over-worn loafers hanging with his buddies, planning the next fake-celebrity, obscure-sport themed Turducken Day (Sacramento’s premier New Year’s Eve party). He may also be found on the golf course, enjoying a plate of sushi, playing softball, or being an awesome uncle to his niece and nephew. Alex is a smart, witty, but laid-back guy with a worldly charm and a great sense of humor. One day he and his dimples will make one lucky lady very happy, but until then, vote Alex for Sacramento’s Most Eligible Bachelor!


MATTHEW KANIA, 27, Statistics Pro by day, Sweat Pant Aficionado by Night
Look at his passion, people. High-fiving the air so aggressively it’s as if he actually plays on the team.  And ladies, you can expect this same passion when being courted around town by Mr. Matthew Kania. His current number one love is the 49ers, but that’s because he hasn’t met you yet. And how could he? He’s been holed up in his house for the last three years, sitting around in sweatpants and crushing carne asada fries– but he’s finally ready to get out there. He’s a corporate financing slave, has a car and a house. He loves his mom, and he will randomly show up on your DVR. Look no further.


DAVID LYONS, 27, Market Analyst at CBRE
As evidenced by this picture—Mr. Lyons is business in the front, party in the back!  David is a market analyst at CBRE by day and can be found at the local watering hole by night, unless there’s a Kings game (oh, wait, there isn’t). This Sacramento native is a lover of the outdoors, spending his winters snowboarding through Tahoe and summers working on his tan while hiking Half Dome.  Seriously, this kid gets ridiculously tan so pack your bronzer if you want any hope of showing up in a picture next to him. Though not required, it would be a bonus if you lived in Land Park so he can wine and dine you with hot dog sandwiches and lime rickeys at Vic’s Ice Cream because he knows absolutely every person who works there. It should be noted that he is also Armenian, which basically makes him the 78th Kardashian sister.


AUSTIN McRONALD, 24, Server at Hot Italian
Austin is 100% pure champion– An all-around nice guy, Austin is a tennis pro, loves the outdoors, is a huge movie buff and has consistently been a great friend to everyone he knows. A DD in your time of need, Austin is also your go-to guy for all things vodka shots. He wears a dope leather jacket, sports some occasional stubble, and always looks the part. Donnie Brasco eat your heart out. And seriously folks – you’ve never heard a better Harry Carey impersonation. Like, ever.


DR. TIM NICHOLL, 26, Owner of Maximize Chiropractic
Tim is freaking awesome,  tall, full of energy and have so much to offer the right woman. He lives and works downtown, where he’s blessed to own and run Maximize Chiropractic. His passion in life is helping people; changing the way they view and manage their health so they don’t have the constraints of medications controlling their lives. He also loves Crossfit, nutrition and anything outside!


SIDNEY PORITZ, 30, Property Manager/Real Estate
Sidney is perhaps one of the most well-dressed, dapper men in Sacramento, loves to fine dine and treat a lady right, and whose quick wit and love-for-life personality leaves the women swooning. With all this, I am sure you are wondering…”and why is he single?” Until recently the answer was quite simple, “he wasn’t ready.” Today Sid desires to settle down; he is over the games and the gimmicks, and is hands-down one of the most eligible Bachelors’ in town! He brings enthusiasm and passion to any situation; he cares deeply for his friends and family; he is hard working; and takes great pride in his health and physical fitness. Sid has the ability to be intimate and share his emotions and thoughts, but is a “man’s man” and takes the reigns and knows how to control a situation. He is confident, self-aware, kind, and motivated with laughter at the heart of it all. Sid has a hunger for real estate. In the most difficult climate, Sid has found success, which shows his determination and perseverance. On his off time, Sid shoots hoops, plays golf, hangs out with his close group of friends and travels. Sid is a mover and shaker, he likes to be active and is simply looking for that someone special to call his best friend.


STEVEN RAPADAS, 22, Personal Trainer
A two time Golden Gloves Champion, this knock-out from Sacramento is known to have a huge heart ladies!  He’s had 61 amateur fights, and is currently turning pro in boxing.  For a hobby, Steven loves working on cars and motors, especially old school Chevys.  He likes to go out for food and fun, is always around friends, and loves to sleep (don’t we all?)!  Besides working to go pro boxing, Steven is a personal trainer.  I mean, check out that pic! And this man is in tip top shape…just sayin.


GREG SHIREY, 27, Software Engineer at Hewlett-Packard
Greg is the total package! He is a true gentlemen, who grew up in the Midwest. He is super athletic playing dodgeball, kickball and participating in any running competition. Greg is hilarious, always down to go out, but he also enjoys staying in, watching a movie and enjoying a glass of wine or craft brew. He is a great guy and is always there to give you a hug if you need it.


BRANDON SOUZA, 28, Account Executive at AdFarm
A farm kid turned advertising exec, there’s more to Brandon than just his adorable smile.  As a Account Executive at AdFarm, an advertising agency focused on food and agribusiness marketing, some may say Brandon has the dark mystique of Don Draper with the charming personality (and expense account) of Roger Sterling…only he refrains from drinking in his office – well, most days.  In his spare time, Brandon can be found eating on the midtown grid, skiing or traveling.


COLIN SUEYRES, 30, Associate Consultant with Andrew Chang & Company
There are gentlemen and then there is Colin. A long time resident of midtown, Colin is considered by his friends to be one of the nicest guys around. He’s a Cal Berkeley alum with wicked smarts and a sharp sense of humor so you can find him chopping it up several nights a week at happy hour on topics ranging from national politics to Motown classics. He’s a regular at many of Sacramento’s local music venues and has been spotted adeptly twirling a young lady on the dance floor at the Torch Club. In fact, the Torch recently hosted his 30th Birthday party and funk band ‘Jelly Bread’ had Colin join them on stage as their official hype man…. champagne bottle in hand and all. He’s looking for a lady that can converse with him on everything from the serious to the silly, tailgate all day at a Cal Football game (season ticket holder) and then put on a cocktail dress and heels and dance until they turn on the lights.



DOMINIQUE AMIS, 27, Chief of Staff to Michelle Rhee at Students First
A native from San Diego, this pretty lady with a 1000-watt smile is generous, friendly and super smart (Georgetown and USC alum). Chase her only if you think you can keep up – she’s got boundless passion and energy!


LEA BENAVIDEZ, 27, Interactive Media Supervisor, Comcast Spotlight
Fun, energetic, hard-working and funny as hell. Lea cares deeply for the friends and family in her life- always going above and beyond to make you feel like someone special. In my life, I laugh with no other friend more than I laugh with her. She has a positive energy that is contagious. And let’s talk about her drive: by the age of 25, she owned her own home, had a wildly successful career at Comcast and was a highly respected member of the Sacramento media community. Throw in ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS and incredibly intelligent (she’ll be finished with her MBA in February), and you have Sacramento’s Most Eligible Bachelorette with Miss Lea Benavidez.


KATHERINE BRISCOE, 29, Elementary School Teacher
Katherine has the biggest heart, and is an absolutely beautiful person both inside and out.  After graduating from Tulane University, she spent three years living in Mexico, where she dedicated her time and energy to directing an orphanage. Her time there strengthened her care for others and refined her sense of self. When she is not spending her time helping others, she enjoys going to the farmer’s markets, yoga in the park, skiing in Tahoe, or hiking in Auburn. She has a fabulous sense of humor and is always full of contagious positive energy! Katherine is a great catch, and most definitely Sacramento’s most eligible bachelorette!!


EMILIE CAMERON, 30, Senior Account Executive at Lucas Public Affairs
Emilie is lovely inside and out! She is fun, smart, driven, and talented. She works hard and plays hard! Emilie calls the grid home and loves enjoying Sacramento’s great restaurants, local golf courses, and running trails. Perhaps her favorite pastime is cheering on her San Francisco Giants! Emilie is a native of Sacramento and devotes much of her spare time to groups and causes close to her heart. Emilie is a part of the Metro EDGE Leadership Council, sits on the Board of Directors for the Sacramento Public Relations Association and is an active member of Capitol Network, St. John’s Circle and Best Buddies International – TEAM MARIA. She was also named one of Sacramento’s Top 40 Under 40 by the Sacramento Business Journal in 2012.


ELISE HAWKINS, 25, Account Coordinator at Randle Communications
“Let there be cowgirls, for every cowboy, make ‘em strong as any man”… there, that’s all you really need to know about Elise. But for the more detail oriented folk, Ms. Hawkins is one of the most sincere, well rounded and loving people I know. But don’t let her soft spoken and petite little hotty-patotty body fool you, put a mic in her hands or throw her into the nearest line dance and this little one will rock it. While she really does have the moves like Jagger in her free time, she also is one of the hardest working and most dedicated people I know. From her work life to serving the community through horse therapy for disabled children, her heart is in everything she does. Of course, you can’t mention Elise without giving a shout out to the current love of her life, her adorable little pooch Sadie…get it? Sadie Hawkins? I know right, witty, pretty and feisty?! If you can wrangle her, she really is quite the catch!


MICHELLE KENNEDY, 36, Lecturer, Academy of Art University, San Francisco
Actress, news anchor, writer, professor, world traveler – the only thing Michelle hasn’t done is find Mr. Right. Michelle’s smile and energy will instantly brighten a room and now that she has made considerable progress on checking-off her early thirty crisis bucket list, she is finally ready to meet the real deal. No jerks need apply as she just moved back to Sacramento from Santa Monica where she experienced her fair share of Mr. Wrongs. You can follow her love journey at


LAUREN KIMZEY, 28, Legislative Assistant at McHugh Koepke & Associates
Lauren first captured my heart a mere few months ago.  Alas, as heterosexual females I’ve had to put my feelings aside, however I’ve made it my life’s mission to find her a more suitable match than myself. She’s 28 years old and works as a legislative assistant extraordinaire at the prestigious McHugh, Koepke & Associates downtown, her first job out of college, where her bosses love her as much as everyone else does. Lauren is the perfect choice for most eligible bachelorette:  she’s smart, sassy, sexy, outgoing, funny as hell, AND one of the nicest people you’ll ever meet.  She is up for everything fun and she always looks perfect.  You’ll want to take her home to meet your mom and then tie her up later. She is the embodiment of downtown Sac: politics + fun = nerd hot. I absolutely love her and given the complete truthfulness and lack of exaggeration in the statements above, I can’t see how anyone else wouldn’t.


KAITLYN MACGREGOR, 23, Communications Manager at HealthCorps
Kaitlyn has a huge heart, and everyone fortunate enough to spend time with her, whether it’s at home, work or my personal favorite – on a road trip – she makes your day a better one! She is the kind of person you want to celebrate with, and also the kind of person that you want to be around when things aren’t going well – because no doubt, she’ll fix them somehow. And don’t underestimate her. Behind those pearls is a chick who knows her way around a farm and can sling a twenty pound bag of vegetables over her shoulder like it’s nothing!


RACHAEL O’BRIEN, 28, Legislative Advocate, Gonzalez, Quintana & Hunter, LLC
Rachael is one of the best friends a girl (or guy) could ask for. She’s always down for an adventure, road trip or pub crawl. Her laugh is infectious, her hugs are strong and her singing voice can bring down the house. She should be Sacramento’s most eligible bachelorette because she’s smart, funny, kind and beautiful inside/out. A growing star within the political community, someone needs to lock her down ASAP.


KATHRYN (“KATIE”) OLIVER, 25, Environmental Engineer
Kathryn is unlike any other bachelorette you’ll meet, and is a total catch! She has a very feminine elegance, humility and class, but can rock a hard hat and talk nerdy engineering without flinching in her heels. When she’s not busy saving the environment with green technology and start-up companies, she is training for half marathons at Disneyland, combining her new love of running and lifelong love of all things Disney, true to her young and vibrant energy. In addition to her beauty and brains, she’s got a wicked sense of humor and sharp wit. Her friends become her extended family and she is one of the few people you’ll meet who will put her friendship and professionalism before her pride. She does not let the little things or petty stuff get to her, she would much rather enjoy her life and the people in it, whether it is clicking her cowgirl boot heels at a country concert or snorkeling with hammerhead sharks in the Galapagos islands or horseback riding in Indonesia, this girl knows how to love life and live it to the fullest!


SARAH POLLO, 29, Senior Account Executive and Social Media Specialist at FSB Core Strategies
Listen fellas. If you’re looking for a sweet, reserved girl to date then you’re going to end up with someone who loves scented candles and going to the Ballet. Is that really what you want? Hell no. You want a boisterous drinking partner for Sunday football.  You want a politico who wins statewide ballot campaigns on behalf of clients all while strutting the halls of the Capitol in five-inch heels. You want a woman who can run the Shamrock Marathon in record time and then go out for macaroni and cheese with a side of extra cheese. You want a woman who owns her own house in East Sac equipped with the obligatory single-gal roommate, a pug named Pancake. Oh yes. You want someone who is legally handicapped because of her miniature 4’11” frame, allotting her the best parking spaces in midtown and at concerts. And you definitely want someone who goes to CrossFit every day after work so you can go drinking with your buddies without guilt. Wait, what?


NICOLE REAM, 30, Senior Accountant at CK&Co.
Beauty, style, grace, athleticism, combined with quick-wit, passion, a heart of gold and a winning smile that lights up every room. Nicole is the girl who has it all, yet still manages to be instantly likable to all that cross her path.  As the youngest sibling of 3 older brothers, she easily fits in with the boys and can rival you in any football, baseball, or soccer debate while drinking beer, (or shooting tequila!), quoting Anchorman, killing it with “that’s what she said”, and having all of your buddies drooling at the same time. A senior accountant by day, and bartender by night, Nicole still finds time for her 7AM Kaia women’s fitness class, weekend marathons, charity fundraising, two soccer teams on Sundays, her gorgeous blue-eyed boxer, “Blu”, and the occasional script-writing, acting, and modeling for local independent film companies and photographers. Regulars at her bar, coworkers, and parents of old friends are constantly begging to set her up, on more than one occasion asking her email address to give to their sons! Even the lady at the dry-cleaners set her up on a blind date with another local customer. The only problem this raven-haired, green-eyed, knock-out seems to have in the dating world, is that every man she meets wants to marry her after the first date.  So please guys, bring your A-game and get to know her first, because this chick has intelligence and depth, and she wants to get to know you, too! Not sold yet? Just wait until she throws on an apron and introduces you to the best monkey bread you’ve ever had in your life – yes, she bakes. Talk about icing on the cake! She is my best friend, and the sweetest, kindest, most giving and down-to-earth person I know. Nicole is the real deal, and the lucky man who can reel in this catch is going to be one smitten guy for the rest of his life.


JULIA TANGHETTI, 30, Consultant to the Center for Dermatology and Laser Surgery
Where do I even start with Julia?  It’s cliche, but she really is the full package. Gorgeous with a heart of gold, she is incredibly smart (Columbia alum) with a cutting-edge fashion style. She’s the first friend to know when you need a hug – or when you’ve been “over served” and need someone to call you a cab ride home. She can dance ’til dawn and still make it to brunch on time. And she’s one of the most loyal and generous friends I’ve ever had. She’d make a great partner-in-crime to any man who can match her ambition, talents and heart!


JADE TURNER, 30, Public Finance Lawyer
Jade is a  very accomplished public finance attorney.  She believes in working hard and playing harder. She is the perfect combination of brains and beauty. Given her dogged ambition and good looks her friends warmly refer to her as “Beauty and the Beast”.  Most importantly, she has a beautiful soul. She is caring and generous.

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  1. Jasmine says

    I’m casting my vote for beauty and the beast… JADE TURNER!!

    1. Tessa says

      Yeah! Me too!

  2. Reg says

    I’m casting my vote for Jade Turner.

  3. Kimberly says

    Jade Turner wins my vote!!!

  4. Robert Job says

    I’m selecting Jade Turner.

  5. Jim Ream says

    She’ll work those abs and she’s been known to belly up to the bar. She’s a knockout who will knock your socks off, literally, on the soccer field. She’ll tee it up, she’ll double down, she’ll run a 5K, a 10K or ten miles, whatever! She’s a hard working accountant and a well loved bartender. To those who know her well she has huge heart to match her captivating smile. I know her quite well for she’s my wonderful daughter and I hope you’ll vote for Nicole.

  6. Jill Kimzey says

    Lauren Kimzey is my choice!

  7. Dixie D says

    Alex Hesser!!! He got swag

  8. Jules says

    Vote for Alex Hesser everyone!!!!!!! He is the greatest history teacher in the whole world and inspires young minds. He deserves everyone’s votes!

  9. Lisette Castillo says


  10. Amanda Burtness says

    Vote for Alex Hesser! He is one of the best people I have ever met and he is a wonderful history teacher. His humor and character are phenomenal!!! Vote for this awesome guy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (:

  11. Melanieeeee says


  12. Lauren says

    ALEXXXXX HESSERRRRR!!!!! We love him, he is the favorite teacher and someone will be so lucky to get him! Vote for this spectacular man!

  13. Reyna Beasley says

    Dominique Amis is the total package!!! Brains and bombshell what more could anyone want???

  14. James Black says

    RACHAEL O’BRIEN for the ladies! COLIN SUEYRES for the boys, I dont know if I can vote on the boys but Colin is a great guy.

  15. Kathyrn Robinson says

    Lauren Kimzey gets my vote!!

    1. Tim says

      Mine too!!!!!

  16. Angelica says

    I REALLY hope everyone voted for Alex Hesser, he is an AMAZING person! Anyone who dedicates their life to teaching youth and is the FAVORITE teacher at the entire school DESERVES your vote. Mr. Hesser made me love history, he is truly one of a kind!

  17. Tim says

    Lauren is super hot!!!!

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