Keeping FurKids Active in Cold Weather

cold-weather-dogBy Lyndsey Schnabel

Let’s face it… when you get up on a dark winter’s morning and look out at the rainy weather you think another day I can’t take my dog on a walk.

But dogs need to be active every day, no matter what the weather. This not only helps the dog to stay fit but also keeps them from getting bored. Bored dogs look for something to do, such as chewing up furniture.

When you can’t take your dog for a walk, there are still things you can do to keep your dog physically active. Here are a few ideas:

  • Play the searching game, hide treats around the house and have your dog find them.
  • Chase bubbles, dogs love chasing bubbles just get sine pet friendly bubbles and a fan. It will keep your pup occupied for awhile.
  • And of course there is always fetch.
  • But maybe you don’t have time to play any of these activates with your dog. The next best thing is the WAG Hotel in West Sacramento (1759 Enterprise Blvd). This place is great for an overnight stay or a play day! For 30.00 for the day (I know that sounds like a lot), but it’s worth it. You are able to drop off your pup off between 7am and 10am, then you can pick them up anytime before 7pm. They are able to play all day with other dogs their size. WAG has bones, water and beds if they need a break, if you feel the urge to check up on them they offer webcam in the play areas!  This amazing place also offers many of other amenities, such as grooming, a spa and specialized care. I guarantee you will fall in love this the WAG Hotel, I know I did and have been taking my dog there for a few years now.

EDITOR’S NOTE: Check out reviews of other local doggie daycare facilities here.

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