Sacramento SPCA + Sacramento Theatre Company = Give-a-way!

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barkBy Chantel Elder

I love musicals.

Growing up, my mom exposed me to all the classics from South Pacific to Sound of Music. My grandparents also have been season ticket holders to Music Circus since the beginning of its time and all the grand kids got to rotate the productions. My family did a pretty solid job of making sure I was exposed at a young age to the talents of the performing arts. In another life I would have been born with jazz hands, tap shoes and a set of pipes that didn’t make my husband cringe.

Lut I also love dogs. LOVE. DOGS. Currently I have three…and now you know I am crazy.  What do the musicals and dogs have in common you ask other than the obvious visual of me singing and dancing about how much I love dogs? Well…

Sacramento Theatre Company Presents: Bark! the musical.

A few months back Sacramento Theatre Company contacted us to see if we would be interested in teaming up with them to promote Bark! the musical. They wanted to work with the Sacramento SPCA to bring about awareness of displaced dogs by having photographs of adoptable dogs in the lobby of the theatre during the showing.

Fast Forward to yesterday. I spent my morning getting furry and slobbered on while photographing 15 little furry friends in need of a home. The little guy below is Bubba or as I like to call him Skipper because he skips and prances around. Bubba? really?!  That reminds me of Forest Gump and this little guy doesn’t look like he likes shrimp at all.  Bubba aka Skipper is in need of a home and inspired me to have a little Give-a-Way!

Bark! the musical Give-a-Way!

Post a photograph of your pet to our Facebook page. Tag the Sacramento SPCA and the Sacramento Theatre Company in the photo. The photo with the most likes by the 12th of January will get 2 tickets to see Bark! the musical, a free photo session in our studio, William Land Park or in your home* and a $75 print credit.

So what are you waiting for?  If you love dogs and musicals, tell your friend… or your Mom… or in case your Mom is your friend tell a neighbor too. Basically, Spread the word!

Photo session is by appointment only 
*Your home must be located within 10 miles of our studio

Bubba - isn't he adorable?!?!
Bubba – isn’t he adorable?!?!

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