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actionBy Kelly Conroy

It’s no secret that the holidays can turn your dietary lifestyle into a feeding frenzy. Somewhere between the gravy and the pecan pie, you lose your will power and gain 10 pounds. Usually, I’ll start at Halloween and eat my way through my New Year’s kiss. I then have like 3 months to hide beneath bulky coats and fashionably oversized sweaters before the sun comes out again. But not this year…

As a recent bride-to-be and an already high-fat food lover (Cream cheese? Yes please!), the holidays were about to spell a serious disaster for any hope that I had of being an adorable, stylish, effortless fiancé for the next eight months. Damn you, eggnog!

I began brainstorming ways to cheat the system. Surely modern medicine had come up with a way to let me stay thin and eat a plate of stuffing at every meal! I made my list:

  • Dehydration diet – that doesn’t seem healthy.
  • Hyper-hydration diet – I’m going to need some solids unless you want to see me get hangry.
  • Detox diet – I don’t like drinking water with a lemon slice in it. How am I going to choke down a lemon, cayenne pepper, molasses combo?
  • Atkins – Maybe 15 years of vegetarianism was enough?

It wasn’t looking good. I had all but resigned myself to picking at the veggie platter through Christmas when I remembered one more option – exercise. I know it’s not as enticing as a miracle diet, but it sure comes with a lot of benefits! From relieving stress and anxiety (especially around the holidays) to just getting sexy, working out can work wonders into your Christmas craziness.

I first found Megan through groupon last year. After taking a fitness hiatus all summer, I came back to Action Boot Camps just in time for the holiday pudge insurgence. In my first month back, I went from four push-ups to 14. I can actually run a mile. And I lost seven inches. Holy amaze-balls.

With a personalized food and fitness plan and special in-class techniques to keep you motivated (ever heard of a burpee?), I promise you’ll burn every holiday calorie you take in and then some. Megan not only teaches boot camp at various convenient times throughout the week, but she also has stretching classes, a cooking club and a FREE cardio club. Her classes will make you sweat your face off and while you may grumble under your breath during the workout, you’ll sing her praises when you see the results.

I’ve been going to the 5:00 a.m. class twice a week for a month and a half now and I could not be more ready to greet Christmas with an open stomach and still try on wedding dresses. Whether it’s a 2013 resolution, an overall lifestyle change, or just a desire to avoid crash diets, check out Action Boot Camps and get your sweat on.

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