DIY: Worth it! Hair ties

By Amy Thoma

Awhile back GOTG-er Laura Braden wrote a piece on ribbon hair ties and declared a $3 ponytail holder “worth it!”

Since I have thick, unruly hair that I punish with miles and miles of running, hours of yoga and lots of heat styling I was willing to give them a try. But, I’m also frugal (to put it nicely). The hair ties work, but they’re so expensive I won’t wear them!

Enter my solution for almost anything – DIY. I’m the first to hate on Pinterest (all it does is remind me of the kids I don’t have, the meals I’m not cooking and the projects I’m not crafting) but when I saw a tutorial on how to DIY these… I had to try.

I ordered 6 yards of fabric off Etsy for $4.50 including shipping. I think you can get fold over elastic just about anywhere but this Etsy shop has tons of colors and I didn’t have to go to a scary fabric store. For $4.50 I got 6 yards of fabric– enough to make a ton of hair bands and headbands.

Here are the very complicated instructions. Cut 9-inch strips (cut at an angle to avoid fraying) and then tie a knot. No, seriously. That’s all you have to do. If you want to make a headband, go ahead and make a 20-inch loop. That’s it, that’s all. So let’s review the steps:

1.     Order elastic on Etsy.

2.     Grab scissors

3.     Cut 9-inch strips at an angle

4.     Tie knots

5.     That’s it.

The best part is you can adjust the size of the hair bands to fit your particular ponytail or head. Elastic headbands typically slip off my pinhead so I made mine smaller.

I’m happy to report not only can I deem these “worth it” but now they’re budget-conscious too!

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