Faux Fur = Faux Pas?

By Lisa Murphy

I wouldn’t exactly dub myself a fashionista, it usually takes me a little while to catch on to the latest trends. I am also a Luxe card holder at Banana Republic, and am basically a walking advertisement for them. Hey, what can I say, my style is classic and simple, so anything that is too avant-garde doesn’t generally appeal to me.

However, I admire those who are bold with their fashion choices and I am really digging some of the current fall/winter trends. I’m particularly obsessed with all things burgundy. Thank you fashion gods for bringing my favorite color back into the style rotation, because now I won’t look ridiculous wearing my burgundy corduroy pants walking down K street. And who knew there was a shade of yellow that actually flatters most complexions.

This blog however is not about an amateur fashion admirer giving you an inexpert review of the newest styles, it’s more of a protest of one trend in particular:

Ahem, ladies, what is with the faux-fur vest?!? I mean to each their own sure, but I feel like we need to draw the line somewhere. We need a serious fashion intervention here.

In my opinion, and I’m sure many who are reading this will disagree with me, they just do not flatter any woman. Regardless of your height, weight, build, I just don’t think they are a necessary or even optional wardrobe item for any reasonable woman. They’re bulky, they cover up some of the most flattering parts of a woman’s body and it’s just too much fuzz! I just don’t get it. Now I know I’m going to get some backlash for this, so let us know in the comments section if you agree or disagree.

As Joan River’s would inquire on the E! show Fashion Police: got to have it or make it stop? You obviously know my answer, what do you think?


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