Worth It: Warby Parker

By Ashley Robinson

I’ve had the same glasses for over six years now and it’s time for a change in eyewear. Not that they are bad, they’re just Tina Fey 2006. And the little designer logo on one of the ear pieces fell off, and while I know it’s not obvious to others, I might as well have a big coffee stain on my chest, it’s that obvious to me.

Too bad I can’t find anything I really like.

I’ve looked at the options in my optometrist’s office, but haven’t found anything I loved.

So, I thought I would try Warby Parker.

Warby Parker is an online eyewear retailer, founded by some East Coast WASP Ivy Leaguers or something like that. The company name, while pretentious is something I can’t totally argue with as the it comes from Jack Kerouac writings … which my dog Dharma Bum is also named from … so maybe I am the perfect demographic for this hip company?

Sadly, my face shape says no.

However, I still really like subjecting myself to Warby Parker’s standards because they provide some cool options for trying out their fashionable and trendy glasses.

One of my favorites is the “Home Try-On”  element. Pick out your five favorite pairs of glasses, click “+Add to Home Try-On” on the right side of the page, fill out the delivery info, and voila! A couple days later, you get a lovely display of frames to take for a test drive.

Just return the glasses within five days, and it’s completely free.

I’ve tried this option twice now. It’s really fun, actually. The problem is that I am picking the wrong heavy black frames, not because the glasses suck. Maybe some of the more practical, lighter weight or colored frames are probably a better fit, but I so desperately want to look like one of those stunning, effortless, and graceful hipster models with their long faces and even longer shiny hair.

The glasses sell for $95, but $95 is not going to successfully make me look like I stepped out of an American Apparel ad. Warby Parker glasses, with their dramatic round and square frames make me look like clunky Rachel Leigh Cook before she got the make-over in “She’s All That.”


Anyways, if you are interested in trying out Warby Parker frames and are nervous about the responsibility of returning five pairs of glasses within a business week, you can always test them out online. It’s not as fun, but “Virtual Try-On” positions a pair of frames on a photo of you, giving you an idea of what to expect without all the work.

If you are looking to try out new glasses, or have seen the ads and wanted to know more, I’d recommend trying out some of the many sample frames from Warby Parker.

Maybe your quest to find a new pair will come to end.

My search however continues.

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