Pinterest Christmasitis

By Ashley Bradley

After plans to attend a couple of local arts and crafts fairs fell through, I took my festive mood as an opportunity to be “productive.” If you’re anything like me, you’ve been bit by the superbug known as Pinterest Chistmasitis (think Pinterest obsession meets Christmas obsession). Thus, anything leading to craftiness related to the holiday season can qualify as “productive.”

I’ve recently seen several pins on Pinterest highlighting homemade wreaths. The wreath in particular that caught my eye is made of nothing by Christmas ornaments, you know, the one that’s super cute and looks like a wreath of brightly colored Christmas balls? I had previously seen a similar wreath for sale for about $30 and I thought, “How hard can it be to make? I’m sure I can make it for less.”

One trip to the dollar store later and I had spent about $6. I bought six tubes of red, green and gold Christmas balls. After a trip to Michael’s for a plain wreath, a glue gun and garland, I had spent another $16. They had large foam wreaths available for about $9, however, I opted for the cheaper (and messier) straw wreath for about $6. I also thought I may be short on ornaments to create the look I was going for, so I bought the garland to fill the space between the ornaments.

I glued one end of the garland and wrapped it around the wreath; it took all 12 feet and left gaps where the straw wreath was showing through. I used that space to glue the ornaments at random. I left a space at the top to include a wide red ribbon for hanging the wreath. It took me about two hours and a few minutes of vacuuming up my mess to complete this festive wreath.

I like to think I am craftier than I am and I think this wreath proves it. While I am satisfied with the final product, I think I will leave my next Christmas wreath attempt to the natural-borne Martha Stewarts – or I’ll just spend the extra $9 and buy one.

Happy holiday crafting!

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