Still Worth It? Sacramento’s Psychic Faire and Healing Festival

By Jamie Romas, Amelia McLear and Laura Braden

What It Promises?

Two years ago, we visited the Psychic Faire with a healthy amount of skepticism – and boy were we pleasantly surprised!

Read about our first experience here, but basically 95 percent of what we were told came true…including the fact that Amelia’s boyfriend at the time (now husband) would propose within six months and that if Laura would find the courage to say good-bye to X and Y people, her life would become way less toxic and frustrating.

Once we realized how much of what they said had come true, we knew we had to go back for round 2 – and spin the psychic wheel of fortune again.

Reminder on how it works: Anyone can receive readings on everything from relationships to your career to past lives. Upon arrival, you choose how many readings you want (each reading is with a different trained healer) and then hang out in the waiting room until it’s your turn. When you’re called, you go into one of the semi-private rooms to receive your reading. You tell the healer what topics you’re most interested in and the fun begins! Readings last about 20 minutes (but they’ll keep going if they’re receiving a ton of information) and cost $15/per or 3 for $40.


GOTG’s Verdict?

Even though our favorite (Denise) no longer lives in Sacramento (and they wouldn’t give out her contact information, we asked), our readings were once again pretty accurate (we say “pretty accurate” because we’re waiting to see if some of the stuff they said comes true). Bottom line: We’d still advise anyone who’s curious to go check it out – as long as you have an open mind.

Jamie’s Take: 

I would give the psychic fair a mixed review. That’s because I saw two psychics, and I think one of them knew what she was doing – and the other one was kind of like Whoopi Goldberg’s character in Ghost (before Patrick Swayze entered the picture). I’ll admit, the whole thing was kind of odd, because there were only two or three rooms for at least a dozen psychics, so there were multiple readings going on in the same room, at the same time. In fact, at one point Laura and I were having simultaneous readings in the same room, but I tried my best not to eavesdrop. 😉 Anyhow, my first reading – with one of the same psychics that Laura had – was spot on. She knew that I was going through a transitional period in my love life, and she was even able to pinpoint a few things that no one else would know about my current romantic situation (in the interest of protecting the innocent, I will not elaborate further). Mostly, I appreciated the advice that she gave: you’re on the right track, and the road is going to be a bit bumpy, but things will work out for the best.

Then I had my second reading. It seemed promising at first – the woman was quite a bit older (age = wisdom, right?). She knew that I came from a large family, with lots of strong women (I have three older sisters, all of them very smart, successful and opinionated). She could tell that I was the youngest and that I looked up to them, but that I was overwhelmed by their presence at times. And she was right: anyone who has met my sisters knows that they’re a tough act to follow. She had some good advice in this regard – not to let their actions or advice influence me as much, but to follow my own path. Then things got weird. Specifically, she told me that in a past life, I was the ruler of a number of small countries or sovereignties.

Say what? Apparently, in this past life I had a great deal of responsibility, because there were so many subjects depending on me. As a result, I carry that burden on my shoulders to this day – even though I no longer have that responsibility. As a skeptic, the notion that that I’m the reincarnation of some long-deceased rule is a bit…much. But in a sense she was right – I often suffer from an overwhelming sense of guilt, as if I’m supposed to be doing something that I’m not. So maybe she was right after all….

Amelia’s Take: 

On our original visit to the psychic faire, I was told that I would be married to my boyfriend, we would have two kids and that I was at a “fork” in the road in my career. Two years later, I’m happy to report that I’m now married to that boyfriend, we don’t have any kids (yet) and my career is the same as it was two years ago.

The interesting thing about my visit this time is that I feel a lot more settled in my life, both professionally and personally. So when the psychic asked me what kind of reading I wanted, I had to stop and think: Do I have questions about my future? Do I have questions about my career? Do I want to know who my cat was in a past life? (yes, pets are one option for your readings). The answer to all of those was, no, I really don’t have many questions right now. Life is good!

This may have accounted for the rather light and boring readings I got this time around. I think a big part of visiting a psychic is to help you find answers or to work out some big issue that you may be struggling with. So if I didn’t have any big questions or concerns, the psychics didn’t really know what to do with me.

I definitely still had fun though. I asked for readings on my past life (I was a member of King Arthur’s court and had an affair with one of his knights!) and my career (maybe something artistic in my future?). Overall, it was a great experience to just check in with the psychics and reconfirm that I’m in a much more settled and content period of my life.

Laura’s Take:

I give it two (very enthusiastic) thumbs up again.

Like Jamie, I agree that the room layout is a bit odd – and it’s hard not to eavesdrop on someone else’s reading. 🙂 And like Amelia, my life right is much…calmer than when we showed up two years ago so I wasn’t super surprised that there weren’t a ton of “truth bombs” for me. I’ve grown and healed and learned a lot… but there’s always room for growth so I was still anxious to hear what they had to say. I had two readings and asked the same questions during each session because I figured if they both said the same things, I could believe it more. And shockingly (or not?), that’s exactly what happened.

Both told me that for the first time in my life, I’m being selfish. Not in an evil/manipulative way, but that I’m taking time for myself to discover what I want, what I love and what sort of life I want to build. One said, “think Julia Roberts in Runaway Bride.” The other explained that I was returning to my child-like state of exploration…that as great as my parents were (and they are), I grew up in an environment where most of my actions, hobbies and decisions were based on what was expected of me – rather than what I really wanted. Well, that was dead-on because I grew up in the South – the land of expectations and keeping up with the Jones’.

They both told me this journey of self-discovery would last another two years (BLERGH!!), but then I would settle into a state of inner calm and fulfillment. They also told me that I can be too empathetic and giving, which means I can get easily distracted and throw my excitement/focus into other people/projects rather than keeping it on me. One went so far as to say that no matter what (or who – she literally said “no matter how cute and charming he is”), I must stay focused on me because this is my one chance in life to figure it all out. A pretty tall order, but giant confirmation of what I’ve been feeling and experiencing since January.

Both also saw a new “friend” in my life. And I’m really not about to go into those details here, but again, they both had the exact same things to say about where he is in life, his true character, how he feels about me and our relationship’s dynamics (including the massive baggage we’re both still carrying around). What’s crazy is that within hours of the reading, I had several conversations/experiences where many of things they discussed manifested themselves… Which was total confirmation, because up until then, I was totally confused on a lot of the details they were telling me (i.e. I actually thought they were describing the wrong guy).

I also asked them if my move back to Sacramento was a good idea (I think it’s a GREAT idea, but it doesn’t hurt to get an unbiased opinion). One didn’t hesitate before blurting out “yes,” and the other looked totally confused. I repeated the question and she said, “No, I heard you. I’m just confused because I thought you already lived here. Bottom line, your heart and soul are here – your stuff just happens to be located somewhere else right now. Yes, yes, yes – move back here as soon as you can. Your energy matches up perfectly with the city’s vibrations. That’s why it’s your happy place.” SCORE. All in all, two good readings that helped confirm and connect more dots in my life.

Where You Can Find It:

  • Sacramento BPI is located at 2018 19th Street.
  • The next Psychic Fair & Healing Festival is this Saturday (11/17) and Sunday (11/18) from 1-6pm.
  • Entry is free to all, and readings are $15/per or 3 for $40.

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