Girl on the Grid: Tracy Mitchell

By Chantel Elder

I love fashion, however, I am NOT fashionable.

I don’t have “it” … That thing that makes you throw together outfits effortlessly. I am one of those people that buys exactly what the mannequin is wearing because I don’t know how to put anything together.

Tracy Mitchell doesn’t have these problems. In fact, she’s so good at putting those hard-to-wear items together that she’s managed to develop a business helping people like me get dressed. And aside from her business she also has a super rad Blog called “Good Day Howard” that is easy to get lost in. I especially love Tuesdays, when she posts her “Tuesday Shoesday” finds.

I thought Tracy would be the perfect person for a GOTG profile because she is doing what she loves … and we love what she is doing.

P.S. She loves cats. Mostly her cat Wednesday … and shirts with cats and vintage paintings of cats.

In a nutshell tell us a bit about your blog and why you started it?

I started Good Day Howard to display my style choices and to launch my personal stylist/wardrobe stylist services. I specialize in dressing my clients in independent designers and especially fine fabrics. I like to share my favorite new designers, things I’m shopping for, how to dress around trends, and bits of my life.

Tell us a little bit about the name “Good Day Howard”, where did it come from?

Howard was this wonderful old man who came to my parents’ cafe every single day. He was a mentor to many, many younger men in the community and he was the most positive, happiest guy I’ve ever met. I’d say “Good morning, Howard” when he came in and he always replied with “Good day! It’s going to be a good day!” I believe that if you think positively like that, you can actually make things better and Howard was a great example of that. I started an earlier version of my blog shortly after he died, and I named it Good Day Howard to remind myself to stay positive for the sake of myself and others.

What do you think are going to be the “it” things for fall?

I’m seeing lots of pointed toe flats, ponyhair leather, graphic print sweaters, and more tribal/ethnic prints. I’m looking forward to big, soft, cotton scarfs, loose, flowy tops with dark skinny jeans, and ankle-height rough-and-tough booties.

It’s 8:30 on a Friday on the Grid, you can be found where?

Probably hiding out in my Midtown apartment. I like to go out on weeknights when it’s a bit calmer. If I must be out, I will probably be over at Red Rabbit.

What celebrity would you love to dress?

A famous one so that everyone will see my work! 🙂 I’d like to dress Lindsey Lohan so that the improvement would be more noticeable and appreciated.

Favorite place(s) to shop locally? non-locally?

I pop in to Bows and Arrows, Cuffs, and Thunderhorse pretty frequently when I need a quick vintage fix. Mostly though, I like to shop with independent designers and places with an online presence (like Madewell or Anthropologie) so that I can link to things for my national/international readers.

Favorite blog to lurk?

I’ve been reading Bleubird Vintage for about 5 years probably. By now, I feel like I know her and her family so I have to keep popping in to see how they’re doing.

What/who or where inspires you?

My style inspiration comes from everyone I see on the street. I can’t help but pay attention to the details of every outfit that passes by and that information translates into how I dress and how I dress my clients. I also get major inspiration from thrifting /hunting through the racks is my favorite pick-me-up and usually where I come up with my favorite wardrobe staples.

What does success look like for you? In other words where do you see yourself and Good Day Howard in your most ideal situation?

If my day is filled with shopping for shoes, dressing up cute ladies, and playing on the sets of photoshoots, I’ll know I’m doing okay. This actually is how I spend my days now, so I’m pretty happy.

Least favorite current fashion trend?

Polyester. I can’t stand it. I know it’s not a ‘trend’ exactly, but it is everywhere and I wish it would die.

Five random facts about yourself?

I play the flute (classical, not Yazz). I had a gold hoop nose piercing for almost 3 whole days when I was 19. My car’s name is Oona. I love to cook (and I make a huge mess when doing so). I might be a crazy cat lady.

Favorite thing in your closet that you couldn’t live without?

My coat collection. (Haha, that’s more than one thing. I’m a hoarder.) I came up with a pretty good collection of vintage coats when I had a vintage shop and I will never ever ever let them go.

Whats in your iPod/DVD player at the moment?

I like to sing along with Adele, Florence + The Machine, Joni Mitchell, and Carole King. I’m watching You’ve Got Mail tonight. I’m such a girl.

Favorite exciting/toes curling/pinch yourself moment in the last 6 months?

Anthropologie started following me on Twitter! This was about 2 months ago and I still get excited thinking about it.

Favorite thing about Sacramento?

I love how easy it is to live here. All I have to do is walk outside and I can run into a friend, a work opportunity, or any number of kinds of inspiration.

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