Dear Dogs

By Kira Rasmussen

In unrelated news, I got married last month! But that’s not what this blog is about, it’s just a preface. The point is, on our way home from our honeymoon last week I snatched up a couple mindless weekly magazines for pleasure reading during takeoff. There’s something about reading into celebrity lives that’s nostalgic for me, like it puts me right into that pedicure massage chair and I can feel my toes getting prettier.

I found this gem of a story featuring excerpts from the soon-to-be released book A Letter to My Dog: Notes to Our Best Friends. From what I’ve gathered this is a great coffee table book filled with cute little stories and letters from people (mostly celebrities I think) to their dogs, and it includes a bunch of pictures. If you’re a dog lover, you’ll get enjoyment out of it for sure. The website has a few sneak peeks and even a place for you to submit your own letter and pictures, which of course I did and I’m sharing with you below.

The book has been pre-released at Anthropologie and will be available everywhere November 21. I’m looking forward to getting my hands on a copy for myself, and probably a few as Christmas gifts (yes, I’m already thinking about my favorite holiday). It’s a feel good thing really, and who couldn’t use a little more feel good?

Without further ado, here is my letter to my dogs:

Dear Bailey & Sydney,

No one would ever say you’re two of a kind, that’s for sure. You’re as different as two sisters could be, and may not always share toys or listening abilities but nothing warms my heart more than when I catch you cuddling on the floor together when you think nobody’s watching.

Bailey, I don’t care how many times your dad tells you you’re the worst, you’ll always have a special place in my heart. You were my first dog, and those 2 ½ years before we brought Sydney home were really great for you- right? I hope you remember our daily trips to the dog park, and how badly you wanted a friend- which is why we got Sydney, you know. She was never supposed to replace you I swear. You warmed my lap so well while I wrote my final papers that last semester of college, nobody can match your center console surfing skills, and I think it’s unbearably cute when you borough yourself under the blanket in the winter and don’t come out for like 12 hours at a time.

Sydney, you’re ridiculously pretty and lady-like and pretty much the softest and most loyal dog ever. Seriously why is your head so soft? I’ve never known a better listener or higher jumper. Your only fault is your desire to be glued to my leg 24/7 but even that is pretty endearing. You light up my Christmas tree figuratively and literally. I’ve never been more proud than the moment you learned to step on the foot light switch on command (the best trick this Holiday-loving dog mom could have ever thought up). I’m sorry if I was a little bit of a stage mom there for a moment, but we totally knocked the socks off every visitor to our house that year, I know it.

We were young when we decided it would be a good idea to bring you dogs into our home, and if someone had calculated how many pieces of poop that would be over the lifetime of the both of you, I probably would have reconsidered. But I’m glad we didn’t. You both bring a ton of love and fun and responsibility into our lives, and we wouldn’t have it any other way. Now who wants to go on a walk?

Lots of love,

Your faithful friend/scooper of the food (& poop)/mom


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