Talking 'Bout My Generation

By Kelly Conroy

I’m sure that, unless you live in a tunnel underground, you’ve heard that we have an election coming up. It comes at us from every direction – from commercials to billboards to your twitter feed. It’s enough to make your brain turn off anytime it hears an election-based buzz word: economy, incumbent, proposition. Still with me? Ryan Gosling! Welcome back…

I know it can be overwhelming, and even annoying, but it’s all for a good reason – to make you care enough to vote. It’s no secret that the youthful demographic doesn’t exactly flash mob its way to a polling place, and that just means that everyone else is making the decisions that will affect where their paycheck goes. And I like my paycheck way too much to let that happen.

Locally, we’re voting on everything from our school systems to our food and nationwide, we have some big ticket items up for grabs as well – taxes, worldwide military conflicts, alternative energy sources, women’s rights…you get the point.

So, regardless of your position on the issues, this system was created to represent you, to serve you. But you can’t be represented unless you vote!

I realize that this article is running after the deadline to register to vote (which, for future reference, can be done here:, but for those that are currently registered, there’s still lots of time! Not only is it an incredible opportunity to stand up for what you want, but nothing makes you feel more mature and important than contributing to the direction of our country (I stand by that statement. Maybe you should test it out and let me know if you agree…).

Now that I’ve so skillfully convinced you to vote this November 6, feel free to do a little web browsing and learn more about the eight+ propositions you could vote on. And remember to look up which polling place you’ll head to when it’s time to do business. For those of you that like to vote but still cling to the, “I don’t have time to stand in line,” excuse, do what I do and apply to vote by mail. To be honest, I’ve never seen the inside of a voting booth, but I’ve voted in every single election since I turned 18.

Don’t let all of the ranting and fear mongering deter you – this election is about you. And let’s be honest, who doesn’t love the idea of their opinion being turned into law?

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