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EDITOR’s NOTE: It’s (one of) the most wonderful times of the year – pumpkin spiced lattes, pumpkin muffins, pumpkin cheesecake, pumpkin beer…makes our stomach growl just to think of it. But pumpkins are also for carving and decorating – and the patches where they’re grown/sold can be equally fun day-ventures. Lyndsey and Ashley breakdown their favorite (and very different) options!

Bobby Dazzler’s Pumpkin Patch between Davis/Woodland (Ashley Robinson)

Halloween is my very favorite holiday. October is my very favorite month. And Fall is my very favorite season.

Pumpkins at Bobby Dazzlers

So, I take this time of year very seriously.

And I am serious about my pumpkin patches.

At this point in my life, I don’t need to go to a pumpkin patch that has all these cheesy kid-friendly features. And I definitely don’t want to go to a patch that looks like they just chucked a bunch of pumpkins into a formerly empty field. I like lots of selection and I like it be out in the country.

Bobby Dazzler’s is all that and more (I don’t really understand the name, but who cares). This place, located between Davis and Woodland long Highway 113 is simple and perfect. There is no carnival-like atmosphere or lots of kids running around screaming. There is a milo maze (which is about shoulder-high grain) that is still fun for grown ups, and kind of romantic if you go around sunset with your lovah.

Ashley at Bobby Dazzler’s

The pumpkins are extremely varied. I am of the ilk that likes really weird looking pumpkins … warts, discoloration, funky shapes and twisted stems. My husband likes the more classic style – big, round, smooth and perfectly orange. Fortunately, he and I are able to find a successful middle ground at Bobby Dazzler’s. This year, we walked away with seven pumpkins, and we were very happy with our purchases.

I even like that some of the pumpkins still haven’t been hacked from the vine.

They also sell gourds, corn stalks, they have a petting zoo, and a couple of picnic tables under the shade to hang out. Although, I feel that is more for the family pack or field trips. However, when I have gone, it has always been a fairly low-key crowd.

I would say the only real drawback is that there is a giant NO DOGS ALLOWED sign as you begin your drive down the dirt road to the patch … and that kind of sucked because I wanted to let my Dharma Bum roam the fields. But I get it … so, oh well. She stayed in the car.

Anyways, if you are looking for a stress-free pumpkin patch with some serious pumpkin variety, head out to Bobby Dazzler’s.

Dave’s Pumpkin Patch in West Sacramento (Lyndsey Schnabel)

Looking for something fun to do to get you in the mood for Fall and Halloween? Be sure and check out Dave’s Pumpkin Patch at Vierra Farms in West Sacramento for all your Halloween/fall needs. They have all types of activities for every age from pumpkin chunkin, corn mazes, pony rides and (of course) all the pumpkins you could dream of.

There are two types of corn mazes (one for the kids and one that’s haunted). I can attest that the haunted maze will definitely scare your pants off! Every turn has a zombie, spooky scarecrow and people jumping out at you. Dave’s also has an amazing snack shack if you work up an appetite with all the fun things to do. They serve pies (pumpkin and apple of course), BBQ and lots more. Dave’s also has a few new attractions this year including tea cup piglets and a pumpkin princess city.

Not only is Dave’s open for the Halloween season, but they are also open for the summer season with TONS of fresh produce and during the holidays (when they sell Christmas trees).

Halloween season started September 29 – check out hours and prices here.

Happy Fall to you all!!!

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  1. Chantel Elder says

    Bishops in Wheatland is my “go to” most favorite place! It is a bit of a drive but the french apple pie and (pumpkin cake) is divine! It is Super kid friendly though with trains and a corn maze and animals that need feeding but not really…I will have to check out this Dazzlin’ Bobby soon and compare 🙂 Thanks for the heads up!

  2. ashley says


    Thanks for the great review. Sorry about the no dogs sign unfortunately a couple people ruined it a few years back. I use to bring my dog with me to work and quite bummed my new pup can’t go. Hope you enjoyed your visit anyways.

    If you want the story behind the name send a message to the website or me personally and I will fill you in on the priveledged info. 🙂

    Thank you
    Bobby Dazzler’s Pumpkin Patch and Milo Maze

    PS love your name

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