GOTG Favorites: Dancing Queen

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Favorite Places to Shake Our Booties

Because we always look this glamorous on the dance floor…right?!?!

Alanna: The Press Club (2030 P Street). I’m not a fancy dancer – I need low light, cheap drinks and some retro 80s music!

Amy: The Mix (1525 L Street). Total dance party on the rooftop or watch the fun while enjoying the fire pits.

Ashley R.: NOWHERE IS THERE GOOD DANCING IN SACRAMENTO (see also Rachel’s comment). I mean, the gay clubs are fun, but if I want to go out with my husband and dance together, I know he’d prefer one that you know … has other straight dudes. So, I’m asking, BEGGING, some rich developer to open an old school bar/restaurant/dance hall that has live music, good food, cocktails in real cocktail glasses, and dancing – all in one. I know they exist, they have to. I saw it on “Mr. and Mrs. Smith” – this, this is what I want to see in Sacramento (sans knife throwing).

Chantel: The Press Club (2030 P Street) or if I am feeling particularly cool the Townhouse (1517 21st Street) for some electronic goodness.  I really feel like my living room sees more dance parties these days than the clubs though.

Jamee: My favorite place to dance would definitely be Badlands (2003 K Street). Everyone there is there to do just that…dance and of course slam back one… or five drinks. I personally love to go with a group of girls and just let loose. The music is great, the drinks are strong and its nice to get compliments on your shoes from men, finally!

Kellie: If you’re in a relationship, the best places are Faces (2000 K Street) and Badlands (2003 K Street) because they have the cheapest covers, cheap(er) drinks and no creepy guys hanging on/all over you.  I particularly like Badlands best because it literally is the cheapest cover and has a more laidback vibe than Faces.

Laura: Hands down, the Torch Club (904 15th Street) is the best place to get twirled around for a few hours – they always have stout drinks and great live music (motown/funk/blues/jazz depending on which night you go). And of course, any private after-party on a friend’s deck overlooking N Street in Midtown will do just fine.

Lisa M.: My three favorite places to get down are the Townhouse (1517 21st Street), the Press Club (2030 P Street) and Badlands (2003 K Street). Coincidentally (or maybe not so much), they are all also ideal spots for people-watching.

Lisa P.: Most of my dance moves are on display these days at home for my two-year old to songs like “Five Little Monkeys Jumping on the Bed” and “Shake Your Sillies Out,” but when I do make it out dancing, I usually end up at the Press Club (2030 P Street) (preferably to 80s music) or the Mix (1525 L Street) (nothing like shaking it under the stars).

Megan: My vote is for Badlands (2003 K Street) and Press Club (2030 P Street)! If you’re looking for insanely loud Top 40 music, reasonably prices drinks, and a dance floor where guys want nothing to do with you, then Badlands is the place! I love coming here with my girlfriends, shaking our booties off, and not feeling undressed with anyone’s eyes… Let’s be honest, we’re just not their type at this place and I love that! And you’re always sure to be a good time at the Press Club…If you remember anything the next morning! I have lots of love for this local dive… Cheap (and strong) drinks, sweaty and crowded, and always a ton of fun! No need for a short dress and 6 inch heels either – show up in whatever you’d like, buy yourself a few $4 drinks and have fun!

Nina: I love shaking my booty at District 30 (1022 K Street). Partially because it’s within walking distance of where I live, but also because I love the variety of music. I like a blend of dance, hip hop, and familiar hits so I can not only get a full blown “drop it like it’s hot” workout, BUT I also like to add to the experience by singing along like a crazy person in the middle of the dance floor at the top of my lungs.

Rachel: Nowhere (see also Ashley R.’s comment). Two immediate caveats to this. One, there is absolutely zero dancing establishments in the greater Sacramento area that haven’t seen a gun fight in the last decade* and I vote for life. Second, I don’t believe amateurs should dance in public because it’s dreadful to watch. Fist pumping, sticking your butt out, and tapping your feet together is not dancing, it’s an ecstasy reaction. The only time I want to see someone on the dance floor is if their name is Johnny Castle or Penny Johnson and have come prepared an original Mambo routine. In closing, if you can’t properly Pachanga to “(I’ve Had) The Time of My Life” then you need to stay seated with your cocktail. If you can properly Pachanga, then you  should probably move to New York and start teaching dance class to vacationers at Kellerman’s resort. Bring your watermelon and birth control. (*I have no idea.)

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