Zuda Yoga and Ginger Elizabeth Chocolate!

By Amy Thoma

On Saturday, October 6, Zuda Yoga and Ginger Elizabeth are joining forces for what looks to be a truly fantastic event.

Zuda will teach a chill yin yoga class ($40 from 2-4pm) followed by a tasting of some of Ginger Elizabeth’s most delicious treats.

For those of you who practice vinyasa yoga or practice at Zuda regularly (I do, you can read more about how I quit mocking yoga and became addicted here), the practice won’t be the usual sweaty practice intended to break you down to a puddle of mush. Instead, it’ll be a mellow practice designed to relax you and prepare you for chocolate goodness.

The workshop will also talk about how to indulge without guilt and Ginger Elizabeth (yep! She’s real!) will share the history, farmers, quality and craft behind chocolate.

I love yoga… I’ve written about it before, but I have a Type A/driven personality (actually, I’m the worst… I don’t think I’m Type A, but I am), and yoga is one of the few places I can actually shut my mind (and iPhone) down.

For more information and/or to sign-up visit here.

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