Worth It? RentTheRunway.com

By Laura Braden

What It Promises?

Ever walk into your closet and think “I have nothing to wear…or at least nothing that hasn’t already been plastered all over Facebook?”

For those of us plagued with this “problem,” enter RentTheRunway.com – an online, shopping mecca of designer dresses for rent (ranging from Tibi and Lily Pulitzer to Herve Leger and Narcisco Rodriguez) ranging from $30 – $400 (!!).

How it works: Search their extensive inventory by color, shape, size and/or type of event, and “heart” your favorite choices for comparison. Once you’ve made your selection, simply choose the date for delivery (you can only rent the dresses for 4 days so plan accordingly) and wait for the mailman!

They also carry accessories (jewelry, wraps and handbags). Be sure to read the reviews – gals seem to be pretty honest, especially when it comes to fit and size.

GOTG’s Verdict?

Worth it…and not worth it.

RTR has been around for years – I’ve simply been looking for a good excuse to try it out. After an intense summer of weddings and bachelorette parties, Midtown Cocktail Week 2012 presented the perfect opportunity.

I rented (see below) a Halston dress (retails for $345, rented for $50) for the Grange party and Badgley & Mischka dress (retails for $325, rented for $50) and Lee Angel necklace (retails for $125, rented for $25) for the gala. After utilizing a promotional offer, I spent less than $100 on $795 worth of designer fashions (but remember, you don’t actually get to keep any of the loot).

Head/face edited out to protect the hungover on a Saturday morning.

The shipping (both ways) was free. Bonus? They send you an extra size for one dress per order.

They arrived right on-time, clean and wrinkle-free. It couldn’t be an easier process – wear the dresses and then throw them into the provided/labeled/addressed UPS envelope (no dry cleaning required). Both fit just like the reviews said they would, and I received compliments on both dresses.

Was it fun to get two new dresses that I’ll never see again? Sure. But could I have purchased equally cute dresses at our local boutiques for the same price or cheaper? Yes.

It’s fun and a novel concept, but I’m not sure I’ll ever do it again… maybe for the next black tie gala… but if you’re really into high-end designers (and don’t want/need to add them to your closet permanently), then definitely give RTR a try.

Where to Find It?

Online here – simply create a profile and start shopping!

And as always, read the fine print – there are charges for lost/damaged/late items.

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