Tips From Road Warriors on Balancing Fitness & Diet

By Becky Warren

Many of my friends have crazy business travel schedules – much more extensive than mine. One common issue that we all struggle with is how to keep our fitness and diet regimens while we travel across the state and country.

It almost seems impossible juggling time zones, meetings, conference calls, happy hours, and dinners to even attempt to keep up with your fitness and diet goals. I thought I would consolidate some tips and great places to work out on the road that I have used and friends of mine have used to help us fight the extra travel lbs.

Your ideas and tips are welcome – please let us know what has worked for you!

Diet & Fitness Tips

Pack Smart: A friend of mine packs a water bottle, nuts, grains, and travel-friendly fruit when she hits the road. She found that drinking enough water is difficult to do on the road and bringing a water bottle helps. Packing healthy food also keeps her full and less likely to indulge in all of the many temptations available through room service or the mini-bar.

Eat Before Events: Before a cocktail reception or a mix-and-mingle event, eat a protein bar or healthy snack. This will curb your hunger and help curb the grazing on all of the high calorie appetizers.

20 Minutes: One of my friends who is on the road all of the time recommends using the hotel gym for 20 minutes. She found that when she thought she had to do an hour workout she never did it because  she didn’t have enough time. So instead she commits to running on the treadmill for 20 minutes at the hotel gym. Its quick and doable and you’ve burned some calories.

Order Smart: Especially when you know you will be drinking, no need to add extra calories when you don’t need to. Scan the menu for salads or entrees without carbs or extra sauces. For me, I would much rather have a glass of red wine than some high calorie sauce on my salmon.

Places to Workout

I am a class girl. I love workout classes. I tend to follow through on my workouts more if I go to a class and I work out harder. Here’s some recommendations of places I love to use when I’m on the road.

Core Power Yoga: This is my newest obsession. I can’t get enough of this place. I honestly check out their website every time I travel to see if they have a studio in the area. This is power vinyasa yoga plus boot camp on steroids. My fave class is Heated Power Vinyasa Yoga with Weights. The room is between 80 and 90 degrees and you do power vinyasa plus cardio bootcamp-style with weights. You burn crazy calories and feel fantastic when you are done. The studios I have checked out have full locker rooms and showers afterwards so you can get ready and go to your meetings. They also have classes from early in the morning til late at night to fit any schedule. Other classes they offer is Hot Yoga, Heated Power Vinyasa Yoga, and some studios offer Heated Spin with Yoga. Class packages do not expire and are good at any of their locations so I buy a five-pack at a time. (Mat rentals are available)

YAS: This is just in California but I love YAS (Yoga and Spin) classes. The spin classes are some of the toughest I have ever taken. The classes are 45 minutes which leaves plenty of time to shower and change in their locker room. They also offer classes that are half spin and half yoga as well as a full yoga class. The yoga classes are not heated and not too difficult but great for strengthening and stretching. YAS offers classes from early morning until late evening to fit any schedule. Class packages do not expire but are ONLY good per location. They do offer one free class per location. I recommend checking it out and then buying a small package at a location where you frequently travel. (Mat rentals are available)

Ballet Barre Pilates: The benefit of these classes is that you will get a great workout focused on toning with little sweating. Most of these studios that I have visited have locker rooms so you can shower and change quickly. My fave is The Dailey Method – I think its the best workout out of all of the barre classes. It has the most focus on core work. Other good ones are Pure Barre and the Bar Method. There are studios all over California and the country. Most offer discounted first time classes. Class packages and rules vary. (Socks required but no other equipment needed)

Yoga: There are a TON of yoga studios. In any city you are in, you can find a great yoga studio. I usually go to Yelp and check out the reviews to figure out which class I want to take. Some faves of avid yoga fans are Down Dog Yoga in Washington DC or Yogaworks in multiple locations.

Now you tell us – how do you stay healthy and fit while traveling?


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