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New series by Girls on the Grid where we give shout out’s to our favorite [INSERT CATEGORY] around Sacramento. We love to support our local entrepreneurs and businesses. Please feel free to leave your recommendations or suggest categories by leaving a comment below!

Favorite Dish on the Grid and Why?

Alanna: I love working on the grid! I have just about everything I could ever want within walking distance.  I like spicy food and was ecstatic when Monsoon (1020 16th Street) came to town. They’re Lamb Vindaloo is fantastic! My other favorite is Mikuni Sushi’s (1530 J Street) Black and White — slices of white tuna and Chile peppers, seared and topped with black tobiko.

Amelia:  I love the vegetarian jungle curry from Star Ginger (3101 Folsom Blvd.).  It’s so warm and comforting and chock full of veggies including broccoli, sweet potato, tomatoes, and garbanzo beans.  The sauce is a yellow curry and pretty mild so I always add some spicy Thai chilies.  It comes with your choice of white or brown rice.  I usually get a mango iced tea as well.

Amy: I can’t get enough of the Caprese Salad at Mulvaney’s B&L (1215 19th Street). They hand-pull their mozarella in house. To die for.

Ashley B.: I can’t seem to get enough of Paesanos (1806 Capitol Avenue) these days (I even have a favorite waitress!). While I’ve had just about all of their dishes, my favorite is still the Pork Fussilli, which was recommended by my favorite waitress who has never steered my wrong. The tender pork nearly melts in your mouth, which is good because you’ll be too busy focusing on the explosion of flavors to remember to chew.

Ashley R.: More along the lines of comfort food … I’m a sucker for the crispy fish tacos (with a side of fries, duh) at Ink Eats (2730 J Street). And I really enjoy a good pizza (mostly any) from Hot Italian (1627 16th Street). Pair that up with a glass of red Italian wine and perhaps top it off with stracciatella gelato, and I am done!

Caroline: I have lots of favorite dishes on the grid, but I’ll note a couple old favorites. At Biba Restaurant (2801 Capitol Avenue), the Lasagne Verdi alla Bolognese – it melts in your mouth with freshly made and layered pasta, and is only available Thursday and Friday! Another favorite is the Carnitas at Zocalo (1801 Capitol Avenue) – perfectly marinated and roasted (so some pieces are kinda crispy on the outside) served with yummy pickled red onions and tomatillo salsa – and when picking corn or flour – go flour tortillas here because they are homemade! This is hard – I could list about thirty faves.

Chantel: The Blue Cheese-Bacon Burger at Burgers & Brew (1409 R Street) is my favorite thing on this planet, it has been since they opened and I can’t see that changing any time soon. If we are talking brunch then my newest obsession is the Grilled 3 Cheese Eggs Benedict at Bacon & Butter (1119 21st Street).  That thing is legit. Clearly my selections aren’t based on healthy living.

Chelsea: Being a vegetarian, the question of “favorite meals” can be a tricky one.  Clearly, it takes a little extra creativity in the chef department to turn veggies into a masterpiece.  However, I have found a few winners around midtown that I’d love to share… First, I absolutely love everything at Thai Basil (2431 J Street). Talk about a vegetarian’s paradise.  You can get just about everything with tofu and mixed veggies, my favorite being the spicy eggplant dish – RP 12 if I remember correctly.  (A warning to serious vegetarians: some of the dishes to have fish sauce in them, so make sure to ask ahead of time.)  Next, I’ve always loved everything I’ve had at Tuli Bistro (2031 S Street).  Unfortunately, they don’t offer much on their regular menu, but I’ve never had a problem simply asking my server to have the kitchen prepare whatever they have that they can make veggie.  It’s usually a pasta dish of some sort, last time it had sunchokes, among other things.  Delish!  Last, and my most recent find: Kru (2516 J Street)!  Now, sushi doesn’t usually strike one as being a great place to bring a vegetarian, but Kru was the first sushi place I’ve been to that actually TRIED when I asked for a veggie roll. The specially made roll had grilled squash and bok choy, along with a great sauce. What a treat, and a break from the standard avocado/cucumber roll!

Jamee: My favorite dish on the grid is actually a few items found at Kamon Sushi (2210 16th Street). This is where the BF & I always end up for a sushi craving in midtown. Everyone who works there is so personable and accommodating. The sushi chefs are awesome so I recommend sitting at the sushi bar. As far as rolls goes, I love the Capitol Roll but you really must try the sweet shrimp which are deep fried shrimp heads stuff with sweet shrimp; trust me; they are unforgettable!

Jamie: This one’s an oldie but goodie: Fettucine con Gamberi, Vodka e Panna from Biba Restaurant (2801 Capitol Avenue). You really can’t go wrong with anything that the legendary Biba concocts, but housemade pasta with prawns in a tomato, cream, and vodka sauce? To die for.

Kellie: I hesitate to write this…because then everyone will know how great they are. But I LOVE the new Red Rabbit (2718 J Street)! My husband and I have been there for both brunch and dinner and both meals were excellent.  specially considering the fact that we went to brunch on a Sunday morning at 10 and got right in. Shhh…people just don’t know how great they are yet! I got the Crème Brulee French Toast and my husband got the Hangover Helper. We loved it. Next time I want to try the Scotty’s Green Eggs and Yams.

Kira: Pretty much any dish at my neighborhood joint, Tuli Bistro (2031 S Street), will knock socks off every time. The menu changes daily and with the seasons, so you’re guaranteed to have one of the freshest meals available on the grid. My favorite from this season was the delectably-moist sweet and sour pork over the world’s most magical concoction of a mushroom risotto. So that’s not the actual name of the item, but it’s not on the menu right now for me to give you the details so I’m going off memory. If you find yourself at Tuli for Sunday brunch (you’ll probably see me there), and the breakfast burrito is on the menu, make sure at least someone at your table orders it. It’s to die for. Also, a quick shout out for the often over looked Tequila Museo (1200 K Street). They may have a slight branding crisis with the 4 different names posted on the outside of the restaurant, but there’s deliciousness going on in that kitchen. I recommend the Carne Arrachera a la Tampiqueña, a marinated flank steak served with red rice, a corn tortilla dipped into bean sauce and poblano chile strips in cream.

Laura: My favorite new dish is the Masala Lime Lamb (lamb in coconut lime curry sauce) at Monsoon (1020 16th Street). Be sure to also order the Garlic Naan and Veggie Samosas to round out the meal. Runner-up: One of the first meals I ever had in Sacramento was the Sicilian Pizza (sausage, prosciutto, salami with basil, oregano and parmesan cheese – heart attack on a plate!) at Paesanos (1806 Capitol Avenue) so I head over there whenever I’m craving 2006-nostalgia.

Lisa: With fall fast approaching, there’s not much time left to have the summer beef stroganoff at Tuli Bistro (2031 S Street). The dish, thanks to the homemade pasta, melts in your mouth. The seared beef filet is tender and the basil, corn and heirloom cherry tomatoes, add the extra kick that makes this dish a true stand out. Tuli finishes it off with whipped fennel pollen crème fraiche. Trust me – this is NOT your mom’s stroganoff.

Lyndsey: My favorite dish on the grid would have to be at Riverside Clubhouse (2633 Riverside Blvd). I absolutely love the Roasted Sirloin Dip it comes on a roll with Swiss cheese and a house made Au jus for dipping and of course I get the yummy fries on the side.

MarlissaThe Press Bistro (1809 Capitol Avenue) has me coming back for their Papperdelle alla Bolognese. I love the rich, creamy Madeira sauce! It’s cooked just the way I like it!!! It’s my reward meal when I have been really good with my diet!!

Rachel: I’m going to go with the most obvious choice here and say the Crunch Wrap at Taco Bell (24th and Broadway). You can not go wrong with this savory treat. The perfect mixture of warm seasoned meat with smooth sour cream and cheese, wrapped in a warm flour tortilla? HELL. YES. Taco Bell for the win, once again. Not only is this particular meal on point, this eatery is consistent and affordable, and most importantly you don’t even have to get out of the car to eat it. You can roll up in PJs and your reading glasses while The Voice sits on pause at home. Or feel free to order inside and plop down on one of their many purple plastic booths. Can you say free refills and all the hot sauce you can handle? Either way, you don’t have to look employed to eat here and that’s where it’s at. Thank you and goodnight, TB.

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  1. Lucinda Grace says

    Magpie on R Street has terrific food, location and service. I take my out-of-town friends here and they rave, too! Devine Gelato…right up there with Magpie for perfection…on 19th Street between L and Capitol

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