Sacramento’s 1st Annual Free Day of Yoga

By Kellie Edson

Have you always thought you might want to try yoga, but were intimidated by all of those seemingly impossible positions?  Or have you wanted to try a new studio but were hesitant to fork over the drop-in fee in case you didn’t like it?  Well, I have the solution for you!

Started back in 1999 in Austin, Free Day of Yoga takes place every year on Labor Day across the nation.  Participating yoga studios open their doors to any and all aspiring, practicing or simply curious yogis.  This year Sacramento will be participating in the first annual Free Day of Yoga coming up on this Labor Day Monday!

Just as every time I go to Yoga in the park at McKinley on Saturday mornings I am so thankful for Yoga Across America’s gift of free yoga to the community, this Free Day of Yoga across multiple studios is such a joy for Sacramento to participate in.

More than 10 different yoga studios with a huge range of styles are offering free classes on Monday.  For the full list of studios go here, and to see the schedule of classes go here.

There is of course your basic and power flow classes, some beginner offerings and more well known classes, but I had never even heard of Svaroopa Yoga until I looked at the schedule, and It’s All Yoga is even offering a “Meditation, Mantra and Pranayama” class in the afternoon before their evening “Kirtan” (the joyous call-and-response chanting practice from India’s devotional traditions.)  Both are no experience necessary. I also had to chuckle at their “I’m new to Yoga, please don’t hurt me” class at noon.

All in all there is something for everyone.  So if you are around on Monday  – recovering from Labor Day BBQs – you should definitely bring a friend, or five, and check it out.

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