Let’s Get this Month Over With, Already

Yeah, We’ve Thought About It…

By Ashley Robinson

I hate August. The only redeeming quality about August is that so many of my friends (and husband!) have their birthdays during this horrible, no-good very bad, month.

Why do I hate the month so much, you must ask?

Because it’s hot. It’s so hot I don’t want to go outside or run errands or be on the road with drivers whose brains have clearly melted like chocolate. I hate getting into a car only to have the belt buckle sear your skin. I hate sitting inside all day, waiting for it to drop to the low 90s, considered “cool-ish.” I hate sweating. I hate wearing summer clothes with my pasty skin. I hate being so restricted by the sun.

And yes, I have recognized that perhaps the Central Valley isn’t the place I should be living if I prefer more temperate climates. Wah wah wah.

Shockingly, August is not Sacramento’s hottest month. That lovely title would go to July, which has an average high of 92 degrees. However, if July seems unbearable, I always chock it off to, “Eh, it’s just the summer warming up.” I guess by the time August rolls around, which averages high at 91 degrees, I’m pretty sick of wearing the same stupid summer dress on the weekend and the same stupid shirt that doesn’t smell bad when I sweat.  (Did I mention I hate sweating?)

So far this month, we had six straight days of triple-digit heat. Shockingly, I didn’t see too many news reports about cows dropping dead in the pasture or old ladies running to cooling centers, like that horrible heat wave we had back in 2006, which was punctuated by a fierce fire season.

I guess I shouldn’t complain too much. As we all know, in other states across the country, they have been dealing with unprecedented heat, akin to the Dust Bowl on ‘roids.  164 all-time high temperature records and 40,000 daily heat records were broken by the beginning of July. In Oklahoma, street lights were melting. In Chicago, nearly a dozen people died from heat.

(Side note, oddly, Sacramento’s hottest day was in June 1961 at 115 degrees. No thanks.)

That’s a lot of sun. And surprisingly, we didn’t have it TOO bad in California. I remember growing up in the Central Valley during countless droughts, bad air days, and heat waves while being indoctrinated to reduce consumption during those peak hours: no doing laundry during the day, no running the sprinklers after a certain hour, no practicing sports on specific days, etc, etc. So, this year, knock on wood, could have been a lot worse.

I guess the point of this incredibly ranting blog post is this: I am ready for the Fall! I am ready for crisp weather and red leaves and jack-o-lanterns and brown knee-high boots. I am ready to walk outside and ask, “Hmm, should I grab a jacket? And which one should I grab?” I am ready for sitting on outdoor patios and watching the Delta breeze whip through the Sacramento trees. I am ready for Halloween and costumes.

And I am ready for some football! (Just kidding, I’m really not. It just sounded right.)

Anyways, folks, only a couple more days and then we can begin September, which has an average high of 87 degrees. Woo hoo!

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  1. Anjanette says

    Amen, i couldn’t’ agree with you more!!! but I AM ready for some football!!

  2. Ashley Robinson says

    i like football the first couple of weeks, and then i get bored and annoyed by how loud the crowds are … if everyone would just stop cheering, i could handle it. 😉

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