Found: Back to School Goodies for Professionals

By Laura Braden

I don’t know about you, but my Facebook feed has been overwhelmed by pictures of friends’ kiddos in their first-day-back-to-school outfits…many complete with brand new iPads and $150 kicks. A far cry from my beloved and highly coveted Lisa Frank trapper keeper and pink Tretorns, but I digress.

We all remember the annual pilgrimage to [insert childhood shopping destination] to buy clothes and supplies for the school year. From scented markers to crisp notebooks, these supplies signaled a fresh start to a new school year.

And as I sit here with a scratched iPhone case, dated business cards and chewed up laptop bag (thank you Betty White), it got me thinking that maybe this is the best time to treat myself to a few new “back to school” items of my own.

So here’s my rundown of the some of the best/latest accessories to help your professional life stay organized and chic this fall.

Laptop Bags

In my opinion, a laptop bag that only holds a laptop is a complete waste of time. I need a bag that can hold cords, my iPad, papers…and maybe a change of clothes for quick trips. Here are some great bags that aren’t overly bulky…

  • Gold Coast Janine, $498 (Kate Spade)
  • Journeyman Laptop Bag, $142 (multiple sizes) (Copper River Bags)
  • Francine Croco Roller, $149.99 (Zappos)
  • Matt & Nat Stardust Laptop Bag, $155.80 (ASOS)
  • Mobile Edge (CheckPoint Friendly) Bag, $99.99 (Career Bags)
  • Filson Large Briefcase, $298 (Nordstroms)

Phone/Tablet Cases

Apologies in advance for the emphasis on Apple products – I made the switch three years ago and haven’t looked back. Be sure to still check out these products’ websites, many feature similar items across all product categories…

To Go Mugs

I’m totally guilty of forgetting eco-friendly/reusable mugs and water bottles at home, but with these super cute (and innovative) choices, hopefully it’ll be easier to save/stay green…
  • Reusable Coffee Cup, $24 (multiple colors) (Leif)
  • Bloom of the Loom Travel Mug, $24.99 (ModCloth)
  • The Water Bobble (multiple colors/sizes), $8.99-12.99 (Bobble)
  • Chandelier Bottle, $16 (EarthLust)
  • Noble Glass Travel Mug (for tea drinkers), $29.50 (Davids Tea)
  • OXO Water Bottles, $14.99 (multiple colors) (OXO)

Travel Accessories

I travel 20-30 percent of the month, and there’s nothing that freaks me out more than running out of power or not being able to connect to the Internet (cue the “First World Whine” chorus). Here are some great products to keep you working while on the road…

  • Portable USB Car Charger, $10 (Urban Outfitters) (multiple colors)
  • Wireless AirCard, Various (check out this and this for a variety of reviews/options – but I can vouch for the Sprint Sierra AirCard)
  • Wall Plug/USB Combo, $24.99 (
  • Portable Charging Station, $59.99 (Aviiq)
  • Grid-It Ultimate Organizer, $9.99-14.99 (ThinkGeek.comt)

Fun Office Supplies

We may not be in the market for scented markers (or are we?), but that doesn’t mean we can’t spice up our office/cubicle with a few new accessories…


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