GOTG Favorites: Cocktails

New series by Girls on the Grid where we give shout out’s to our favorite [INSERT CATEGORY] around Sacramento. We love to support our local entrepreneurs and business. Please feel free to leave your recommendations or suggest categories by leaving a comment below!

Favorite Cocktail and Why?

AMY: I can’t drink hard alcohol… it doesn’t end well for me. But I do love sitting on the patio at Press Bistro and drinking their sparkling Rose on Sacramento’s warm summer nights.

AMELIA:  My recent favorite cocktail is the The Original White Linen at Ella. Originally created by a bartender at Ella, this refreshing drink contains gin, St. Germain Elderflower liquor, thin-sliced cucumbers and lime juice. Light, crisp and totally delicious!

ASHLEY B.: I too love Ella White Linen cocktail; it’s perfect for a hot summer day. The White Linen is a cool, refreshing mix of gin, elderflower liqueur, cucumber and lemon. Be careful though, it’s easy to down several of these and before you know it, you’ll need a ride home!

ASHLEY R.:  So here’s what you do: you order the Blackberry Mint Sweet Tart at Cafeteria 15L and ask for it with gin. This mocktail is a perfect base for gin with its muddled blackberries, mint, lime, and a splash of soda water. Hell, even without the gin, this is a great refreshment.

BECKY: I just recently checked out Firestone Public House and thought their Skinny Pomegranate Martini was refreshing and delicious. And of course, I love the sangria at Tapa the World – it’s always delicious and great to have on a warm summer night.

CAROLINE: While I’m more of a wine or beer person, I agree with some of my fellow Grid Girls that the Ella Gin and Tonic is the best (they make their own fresh tonic on the spot with quinine), I will highlight a few other cocktails to enjoy around Sactown: Skinny Pomegranate Martini at Firestone Public House  (they had me at skinny, but it was very fresh ‘n tasty, and they have 3 other skinny cocktails), Red Rabbit’s Daily Punch, which is newly crafted daily (duh), and the Key Lime Martini at Centro Cocina Mexicana, a drink that’s been a favorite of mine at Centro since the ’90s.

JAMEE: Hands down, my favorite cocktail is the Blackberry Margarita at Zocalo! Each sip is so refreshing and delightful. With ingredients like 100% blue agave blanco tequila, blackberries, agave and lime; how could it not be amazing?

JAMIE: Pretty much anything that Ryan Seng whips up at the Grange. From Manhattan’s with candied bacon garnishes to my current favorite, the Cucumber (gin, St. Germain, cucumber, basil, lemon, and prosecco), the man is a genius behind the bar.

KELLIE: Well my favorite USED to be the Cherry Limeade at Brew it Up.  But now that they are gone, I am quite the fan of the Tokyo Sunset at Mikuni. It’s fruity, fun and certainly packs a delicious happy hour punch – perfect after a trying day at work.

LAURA: Three-way tie: the Beach Paradise (tastes like Hawaii in a glass) at LowBrau, the Blood & Sand (scotch, vermouth, orange zest and cherry heering) at Blackbird or the Horse’s Neck (whiskey, bitters, lemon and ginger ale) at the Shady Lady.

LISA: I’m a wine girl, so when it comes to mixing it up cocktail-style, I like sangria. I’ve tried them at dozens of restaurants on the grid, but Paesanos is worth writing home about. I also love a classic margarita from time to time, so when I’m craving one after a stressful week, I head across the street to Zocalo. They use fresh lime juice instead of triple sec and agave nectar to sweeten them, which helps make the house margarita only 210 calories (not bad if you’re on watching your weight).

LYNDSEY: One of my favorite cocktails to enjoy on these hot summer nights is the Sangria at Paesanos in Midtown. It is so refreshing, so get some friends together, order a pitcher and enjoy their patio!!!!

MARLISSA: My favorite cocktail is hands down Ella’s Gin and Tonic. They make their own mix and it is really good! I didn’t even like gin & tonics, til I had theirs – it’s a must try!

RACHEL: I’m going to have to disagree with everyone, per usual. I don’t like fancy cocktails or fancy bars. Fancy means added sugar and less room in the glass for actual liquor. My go-to has (and always will be) the lucid Kettle One and soda. I don’t have a preferred location for this drink, considering Kettle One tastes the same everywhere but, if I had to choose my favorite place to sit and drink it I would have to say Chagrins. It’s dark, and we all look like ass in the light.



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