Happy Hours in Sacramento: PR-Style

By Rachel Smith

There’s no “I” in team, nor is there one in happy hour.

And for those of us in PR, we know how critical this special time of the day is. It’s a great way to network, team build, and if we’re being honest – the best way to unwind from the fast-paced industry that is Public Relations.

Unfortunately, this isn’t Madison Avenue in the 60’s where we’ve all had our eighth finger of scotch by noon and can ease through the day feeling invincible, so it’s inherently important that you partake in post-work cocktails.

If you’re still hanging on when the clock strikes 5:30, there’s a perfect recipe to top off anyone’s day.

If you….Secured a national placement for your client: 

You are officially the king of the world right now (and this is absolutely the only time you are allowed to use that atrocious phrase). You feel like high-fiving strangers and dropping several hundred dollars Target for absolutely anything. You didn’t get a raise, but you feel rich (but only rich enough to go to Target, let’s not get ahead of ourselves). After you’ve purchased your obscure items like bed sheets, a shower curtain, and an orange futon, it’s time to meet up with your friends and celebrate.

You want to have an awesome night and aren’t afraid to spend some extra cash. This moment definitely calls for a dirty martini up on the rooftop at Mix. After a few of those, you are allowed to yell (just once) of your successes over said rooftop deck while jumping up and down on the fire pit.

If you….Find out your national segment got pulled for a “surprise” White House dog-naming-announcement:

Outdoor patio at Freeport

OK, so maybe we should have waited until said segment ran until we decided to yell out to all of downtown Sacramento that you are the king of the world. You spent tireless months wedging your way into [what you consider to be a tight relationship] with the western region producer for a major nightly news program – rope him in, get your spokespeople, and film an awesome segment – only to end up with nothing.

You even went as far to alert your client and your client’s boss…and may or may not even sent an email blast to everyone you know. (Don’t lie, you even sent out an invite to your facebook friends to tune-in.) And low and behold an hour before the segment was supposed to air, the producer calls with devastating news that your segment is on the cutting room floor and has already started collecting dust.

In this situation, I suggest going somewhere dimly lit and off the grid so as to not run into anyone professional who could ruin your mood with any potential good news they might have from their day. Freeport Bar and Grill (8529 Freeport Blvd) is your best bet. Order a 7 and 7 and make it a double.  You should also flirt heavily with the bartender and ask him to go home with you.

If you….Weren’t paying attention on a conference call:

I do this frequently.

While commiserating with your colleague about her horrific date with “that guy from the Capitol” you realize that you’ve just been called on by the client for feedback. Oh dear.

You scramble around, wondering if you should take yourself off mute or just hang up and blame Verizon later. You think you heard something about circling back with someone then touching base with someone else, and was there something in the neighborhood of following up with a reporter about something?  You can’t be sure.

In this situation, you really shouldn’t be checking in at a bar on Facebook after such an embarrassing and unprofessional moment. So instead it’s best to pick up a bottle of cheap wine (think two buck chuck) and cry on your couch in private. You’re going to want to save those dollars just in case you are jobless come Monday.

If you…Basically stared at your computer for 8 hours and sent 3 emails, all of which were to Patrick Harbison:

Patrick Harbison, SMEB 2010

I think we’ve all been guilty of playing “pretend” at work. I’m sorry, but I think this is the only way we can stay sane.

Some days, Hulu is looking just little more enticing than filling out expense forms, or writing that press release that can technically wait until Monday (per your “strategic counsel”). There’s nothing wrong with taking a day off, but not actually using vacation time. The only problem with doing absolutely nothing at work is not necessarily that you’re going to be found out or get in trouble (which can happen so at least pretend to be typing), but to be quite honest it’s tiring! Seriously. It’s not easy to sit at a desk and stare for 8 hours. So if you’ve spent all day suffering with boredom, you’ve absolutely deserve to leave at 3PM, head over to KBar (10th and K Street), and enjoy three hours of $2 cocktails. Life is short and Patrick Harbison said it was okay.

EDITOR’S NOTE – So you tell us…how and where do you unwind after a crazy day at work?

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  1. Caitlin McArthur says

    This is all true – And I have definitely high-fived a stranger after getting a spot placed.

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