Re-Cap: Wine, Cheese and Bread Faire

By Ashley Bradley

Wine, cheese and bread – the three most essential food groups known to man, or they are to me anyways. When I found an event featuring all three, I thought to myself, “Well, it would just be bad for my health not to attend this!” On the weekend of July 21-22, the Old Sugar Mill in Clarksburg held a Wine, Cheese and Bread Faire – how could I stay away? For just $25, I could taste wine from nine wineries and several cheese and bread vendors.

The Wine, Cheese and Bread Faire just happened to fall on my birthday weekend so my best friend and I put on our lightest summer dresses (it was 103 degrees!) and headed to the Old Sugar Mill to celebrate. Since we ordered our tickets through Event Brite, we were able to walk right up, collect our large insulated bags and wine glasses and start tasting. The Old Sugar Mill was packed so we slid around the crowd and dove into the first tasting room we could find room. Each winery was passing out at least two complimentary tastes and several had reduced the cost of their full flights. While having two tastes of wine is nice, it’s always fun to run into those wineries where the tastes are free flowing, one of which was R. Merlo, a winery based out of Mendocino. Not only was the owner full of personality, but the wine was fantastic. So much so, that my friend and I both bought a bottle of wine (lucky me, mine was her gift to me) and she went back to purchase another bottle before we left for the day.

After sampling more than our fair share of wines in the air conditioned sugar mill, we took a stroll outside. The back lawn was a maze of vendors selling olive oil, pepper jams, lavender and handmade goods. In front of the maze of vendors there was enough space for picnicking or dancing to live music.

Several cheese and bread vendors were sprinkled throughout the tasting rooms, with some even pairing their cheeses with wine tastes, however, the majority of vendors were housed in a building next door. While the cheese and breads were delicious, the building was lacking air conditioning, which made us want to get out of there in a hurry, but not before consuming what I am sure was equivalent to a wheel of cheese.

Feeling a little tipsy and very full, we made our way home with our loot. For my first trip to the Old Sugar Mill, I’d say it was a success. I ended up with a bottle of syrah from R. Merlo and a bottle of chardonnay from Elevation Ten. The chardonnay is chilling and waiting to be uncorked at the moment. Maybe I’ll enjoy it with some of the delicious focaccia I bought.

If you’re hanging around on a Saturday and get the urge to sip a little wine, head down to the Old Sugar Mill. It’s practically in our backyards and features reasonably priced local wines. I can’t think of any reason not to go. 🙂

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