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Amelia McLear

By Amelia McLear

My regular workout routine is pretty basic. I usually run around Capitol Park or McKinley Park on weekday mornings and go to yoga on the weekends.  However, I’m always looking for the next best thing when it comes to burning calories. I’ve done all styles of boot camps, spinning, Zumba, Heightened Yoga, Capoeira (Brazilian dance), and probably a ton of others I’ve forgotten about.  So when the opportunity came around to check out “SkyRobics,” I jumped at it.

SkyRobics is a one-hour fitness class that takes place entirely in an indoor trampoline park. You start out by warming up on the trampolines, doing jumps and active stretches. Then you do a variety of body weight exercises including push-ups and mountain climbers. For the second half of the class, you typically break up into teams to do relay races on the trampolines, incorporating resistance bands and medicine balls. The class usually ends with ab work.

It is probably one of the most intense workout classes that I’ve taken. Since you are jumping on trampolines almost the entire time— trying to balance yourself and land on your feet—it’s pretty much all cardio and core work. I was super sweaty and tired after every class.


Ashley Robinson

1) Major calorie-burning.  In fact, the folks at Sky Zone say you can burn up to 1,000 calories per hour!  2) I loved the variety of the exercises and it felt like I was getting a full-body workout without lifting heavy weights or busting my butt on a cardio machine for 30 minutes.  3) The price is fantastic.  $8/class and $4/class for first-timers.  Cheaper than yoga!  4) The best part is getting to jump on trampolines and feeling like a kid again!  It’s hard not to laugh—everyone looks and feels kind of goofy.


1) It takes way to long to drive to Rocklin from midtown. Even without traffic on Saturday mornings, it’s a good 35-40 minutes one-way.

Know before you go:

  • Wear long or mid-length yoga pants.  A lot of the moves are very active and there is some serious chance of underwear-viewing if you are wearing loose shorts.
  • Bring your own socks.  They have special shoes you have to wear before going out onto the trampolines and you don’t want to wear those barefoot.
  • There is a cold water station, and the instructors take regular water breaks so you don’t necessarily need to bring your own bottle.  (Although it was sure helpful on the drive home!)


  • Classes are co-ed. Cost is $8/class for non-members but $4/class for your first time.
  • You must sign a waiver before participating for your first time.
  • Classes are offered five days/week, mostly in the evenings except for Saturday mornings.
  • 1091 Tinker Road, Rocklin. (916) 644-9966
  • Check out their website, and be sure to like them on Facebook and Twitter!


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