How To Find That Perfect Self In College

EDITOR’s NOTE: This blog was was written in response to one of the most depressing pieces of journalism ever written, you can CLICK HERE to check out what we’re referring to. Assuming that it’s satirical (and we certainly hope that it is), the very definition of satire still requires an element of truth (and our southern correspondent knows many women living this lifestyle and/or have uttered similar hopes/goals before)…hence Danielle’s response.

Source: Gen Y Girl

By Danielle Vaticano

EXCERPT: We have four years in college; that is if you can afford to stay in school that long and you’re able to get the classes you need in time to actually finish in four years. Only four short years to grow as a human being, be exposed to the world, meet your best friends, explore your surroundings and convince your parents that it costs the same amount to live in Paris for a semester as it does to stay at your university campus.

That’s right ladies, four years to find yourself before you get smacked in the face with the real world where having cramps is no longer an excuse to skip out on your schedule for the day, you’ll have something called a job after all. Every ‘true woman’ knows how vital it is to find that person within themselves that they are happy to see in the mirror every day, that woman who has discovered herself through life experiences and has garnered respect from the most important source; herself. An American woman is nothing but the most blessed species in the world, from careers and family life to controlling our futures and determining our sexual identities, no other country in the world affords their women so much opportunity.

So ladies, take a deep breath, the clock is ticking, but honestly don’t be bummed if you don’t completely find yourself after reading and following these 5 steps. I am three years out of school and still trying to ‘figure it all out’. But hey, I love my job, I support myself and have the most loving friends a chick could ask for, so I consider myself pretty well along the way. At least far enough down the path to offer a few snippets of advice anyway.

Step 1: Stop being so dang judgy. I know this is going to sound like I stole some lines from Mean Girls, but come on girls, judgment and cattiness is going to get you nowhere. I know. I have experience. Take the story of when I met one of my very best friends in the whole wide world Freshman year, I didn’t like her because I was threatened by her, but I told everyone else it was because she was rude and after a boy I liked. Six months later she was, and is, my best friend and I can honestly say that nothing changed between us other than I started to learn to like myself and not be threatened by other young women who were prettier or richer….

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