A Very Social Media Unconference

By Kellie Edson

The College of Continuing Education at Sacramento State is partnering with the Sacramento Social Media Club to host the 2012 Social Media Unconference this Friday, July 20.

What is an Unconference, you may ask? Well, it’s similar to any other well-organized conference except for two critical points:

  • The agenda is determined by the attendees at the beginning of the conference.
  • And there’s a strong focus on attendees interacting with and creating active parts of the conversation.

This unconference will center around any aspects of social media that YOU want to talk about: I.E. social media and education, how to use a certain social media network, social media metrics, podcasting, social video, developing a social media tool, using tools, whatever!

You can find more information on the rules and format here.

The Details:

  • When:  July 20th, 2012  1pm-5pm
  • Where: The College of Continuing Education, Sacramento State Campus (Napa Hall, 3000 State University Dr East Sacramento, CA 95819)
  • How much? $15 per person, which includes parking
  • Register here: http://smcsacunconference.eventbrite.com
  • Hashtag: #SMCSacUn

Hope to see everyone there – great way to enjoy like-minded social media professionals during an afternoon of fruitful discussions, networking and social media fun!

EDITORS NOTE: Kellie works in Marketing/Communications and is a member of the Social Media Team at the College of Continuing Education.

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  1. Jeff Marmins says

    This is such a unique social learning opportunity to have in Sacramento. You can actually list a topic you’d like to discuss or cover in advance. As well, you can vote for what others have suggested [Social Media UnConference: Potential Topics – http://ow.ly/cmt1Q%5D.

    I hope this event is a huge success and others take the model and perhaps use it to replace other traditional conferences.

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