24 Hours in Pigeon Point

By Kellie Edson

I really wish I could take a beach daycation every single week. Considering Sacramento is mere hours away from some really beautiful beaches…it wouldn’t be that hard.  It’s the whole ‘can’t afford to take a day off work every week’ thing. 🙂

Still when you have the time, it’s one of the best most relaxing things there is. As previously mentioned, my husband and I LOVE Bodega Bay. But this time, my best friend and I headed further down the coast, with a stop specifically at Pigeon Point.

Now you may not know what Pigeon Point is or where it is, but it is a lighthouse that was built in 1871 located about five miles south of the small town of Pescadero, CA (or as you’re driving highway 1, it’s south of Half Moon Bay and north of Santa Cruz).

The reason I know Pigeon Point is because when I was 11 years old, it was our school’s 5th grade field trip.  All of the 5th graders in the tiny Tahoe town I grew up in took the 4-hour trek down to spend the night at the Pigeon Point hostel while learning about the tide pool animals native to California.

It was strange to be back to visit a place that I hadn’t been in so many years, but beautiful as ever.

We also stopped in Half Moon Bay and several other beaches along the way, circling back through Santa Cruz and home to Sac. Overall, a restful drive with beautiful views.

If you would like to see pictures from our trip, please go here.

This is one of my favorite quotes and so very true:


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  1. Ashley Robinson says

    are there fun places to get food? or go hiking? it looks neat!

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