Re-Cap: Sacramento Zoo's King of Feasts

By Jamee Sims

Last Saturday night the Sacramento Zoo hosted their 11th annual King of Feasts! This was my first year attending the benefit, and we couldn’t have been more excited to experience the sights and sounds of the zoo at night (with wine and food to boot)!

Upon arrival the sounds of ukuleles’ were humming through the air awhile Hawaiian dancers welcomed you. Once you were “lei‘d,” you were dubbed ready to begin your journey through the zoo!

Vendors were sprawled across the grounds so it was incredibly easy to check out the animals while tasting some delicious food from Whole foods, The Sac Co-op, Fat Scones, Chipotle, Red Rabbit and our local favorite Drewskis!

The participating liquid vendors included Bogle, Renwood and Three Wine Company, while Mulvaney’s B&L served a seasonal fruit sorbet topped with rum! I tried the peach with melon rum; it was dangerously amazing!

As if the food and drink selections were not enough, Vic’s ice cream was on hand to dish out their signature flavors on a cone! We began laughing at this point – being an adult at a zoo affair wasn’t half bad!

The highlight of the evening was the recently remodeled Giraffe enclosure. I was thoroughly impressed with what the zoo has done for these gorgeously haunting animals. Being so close to them was incredible! There is a new public deck where for $10 you can now feed the giraffes. Check the zoo’ website for details.

The Sacramento Zoo is a staple in our community and has been apart of my life for as long as I can remember. Being able to support them is something that I will do for as long as I can. As we exited the gates with full bellies of food and ice cream I was brought back to my childhood (sans the 4 inch heels and wine buzz). We were laughing, smiling and couldn’t stop raving about all the animals we saw.

Well done, King of Feasts….Well done.


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