Girl on the Grid: Melissa Johnson of Best Friends for Frosting

By Chantel Elder

Meet Melissa Johnson; the mover and baker behind Best Friends For Frosting (BFFF). I have had the pleasure of working on a few projects with her in the past few months and her bubbly and infectious nature can only be attributed to her love for sugar and zest for life.

Naturally with a personality like that one would create a website right?!

A super sweet, eye candy delight of a website providing other sugar fiends endless recipes and links to only the very best in the dessert world. Check it out, check her out and have a cupcake while you are at it because life is sweet and so is Melissa!

What is Best Friends For Frosting (BFFF)?  
Best Friends For Frosting is a website about all things DESSERT! We premier top rated dessert recipes and trends amongst fellow dessert blogs. We also premier other exclusive content like interviews, guest posts, and round ups. The website is updated 4-6 times per day.

Where did you get the idea, and how did it go from idea to being a “reality”?  
My mom and I started a dessert blog together back in spring 2011. As I looked at other people’s dessert blogs, I saw so many desserts that I wished I had the time to make. Of course, in reality, I knew that I could not make all of the desserts I was crushing on. My husband suggested that I start a website that showcased highly reviewed dessert recipes and trends. I loved his idea and gave him the thumbs up, so he built me a website, made me a logo, and set me up for success. From then on, everything came so naturally to me. Now I showcase everything that would be in the bakery I once dreamed of opening. It truly is a labor of love, so it never feels like “work” because I love doing it so much.

What dessert makes your toes curl?  
Dessert in general makes my toes curl. This goes all the way back to when I was a little girl. I used to spend my allowance on candy. My favorite dessert changes all the time, but at the moment, French Macaroons, Carrot Cake, and Maple Bacon Cupcakes all make my toes curl.

Best place on the Grid for a sweet treat? 
I highly respect all of the amazing business owners in Sacramento who pour their heart and soul into their business. There are so many bakeries and even restaurants that offer a variety of incredible desserts. Ginger Elizabeth Chocolates is one of my go-to places for dessert. Whenever I have friends or family who come in to town, I take them directly to her shop. I just have to be the first  person to tell them about this amazing shop in my city. She makes the best Salted Caramel French Macaroons and chocolate chip cookies too.  On my first Mother’s Day, my husband surprised me with 6 cupcakes from her shop. I also adore Vanilla Bean’s Maple Bacon Cupcake.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years? 
I see myself having a successful career in the dessert field doing something I love. My son will be in kindergarten by then, so my husband and I will have additional time to put into our careers.

What was the most exciting moment for BFFF? 

I met Paula Deen and her husband Michael last February. Paula knew about Best Friends For
Frosting and gave me so much encouragement. Truth be told, her giggle is like Mrs. Clause.  She is as sweet as pie.

Your Blog is similar in structure to GOTG with many contributors being a part of the collaboration – What do you find success about that sort of blog model? 
We have a panel of 15 dessert recipe & trends contributors, which are comprised of dessert
bloggers, artists, bakery owners, event stylists, recipe developers, writers, photographers, etc. A large part of the success of Best Friends For Frosting is having so many enthusiastic and creative contributors on our team. Each one of them have so much to bring to the table.

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